The Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are serious problems affecting millions of Americans every year. When an individual has taken the crucial first step of accepting that they need treatment, it can be difficult to choose the right program for them because of the myriad of choices available to them.


Every individual struggling with substance abuse handles their condition differently and has their own unique set of treatment needs. This article takes a closer look at what holistic recovery centers offer and why they are considered by many to be the most effective form of addiction treatment.


What Does the Term Holistic Mean?

Most people will have heard the term holistic although they are probably unaware of its correct definition. Holism refers to the theory that the body’s systems are all connected so when a person is suffering from malaise or injury, they are treated as a whole. This differs to conventional medicine which treats the symptoms of illness, whereas holistic therapy treats the person’s overall well-being. Many holistic treatments have become completely integrated today’s society, with many people engaging in practices such as yoga or meditation for a healthier lifestyle.


Six Key Benefits of Holistic Recovery Centers


  1. Treating of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Holistic recovery places the individual as the central focus for therapy and treatment, improving their overall health by addressing their emotional, physical and psychological needs. Substance abuse and addiction affect every aspect of a person’s being and holistic recovery centers seek to restore balance so as to promote a healthy substance-free life.


  1. Effective Traditional Therapies Remain the Foundation of Care

Society has been dealing with addiction for decades, during which time many traditional recovery methods have been tried and tested. Holistic drug rehab centers incorporate these methods into a recovery program while treating all the components of the individual in care. Holistic addiction therapy takes traditional methods a step further by introducing complementary treatments which bring more flexibility to the rigid structure of conventional rehab.


  1. Caring and Compassionate Environment

The treatment environment is extremely important in holistic drug rehab centers which endeavor to provide a safe and secure space that encourages openness and healing. Therapists are experienced in dealing with the complexities of addiction and provide holistic interventions that best resonate with the individual’s needs. It is important that patients feel they are in a place where they feel completely comfortable in their surroundings as it garners good progress in a holistic drug rehab center.


  1. High Rates of Long-Term Success

Although traditional 12-step is the most well-known recovery system, the program’s success rate is just 5-10%. Due to the fact that the holistic approach to recovery has only emerged in the past few decades, there is less research as to its effectiveness. That said, there are around a thousand holistic treatment centers in the US, and the data they supply implies that this approach has better long-term recovery outcomes than traditional methods. Ultimately, rehab is an individual experience and there is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment. What is effective for one person may not be as effective for another.


  1. Greater Selection of Diverse Treatment Options

There is a wide variety of holistic therapies and treatments which gives people seeking addiction treatment more choice. Many holistic treatment centers offer experiential treatments which involve working with animals, outdoor pursuits and creative therapies alongside mindfulness, massage, physical fitness, and nutritional education. Mindfulness practices such as meditation and deep-breathing are invaluable as coping mechanisms to prevent relapse in recovery.


  1. Quality Aftercare Programs and Follow Up

Addiction is a relapsing illness that many people struggle with for a lifetime. It is therefore crucial that patients are supported when they leave rehab and return home after completing a program. A holistic aftercare program will contain many of the same components of residential rehab but is made available to the individual on an outpatient basis. Aftercare programs generally have no set duration as the majority of people continue to require some form of support for a long time after leaving rehab.


Why Is Holistic Addiction Treatment So Successful?

Humans are complex beings and we each make choices for different reasons. Everyone who has developed problems with drugs or alcohol started using through choice. The holistic approach to recovery seeks to identify the root causes of addictive behavior. Substance abuse is often driven by a negative mindset that is generally induced or heightened by drug or alcohol use.

Most substances work by altering the brain’s chemistry which leads to critical imbalances elsewhere in the body. Holistic therapy is designed to restore a natural and healthy balance to the individual and eliminate the controlling aspects of addiction illness. Ultimately, holistic therapy and support recognize that people aren’t defined by their substance abuse and that they each have their own specific needs in treatment.


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