What is Botox treatment and who should use it?

Many individuals desire to look younger at certain age ranges. A significant number of women and men are choosing to get Botox injections to reduce those age telling facial creases, wrinkles and/or fine lines. This cosmetic treatment has been around for decades, and this cosmetic procedure can be performed at just about any age. Like most other cosmetic or medical treatments, Botox has both pros and cons that any prospective patient should be aware of. When performed by a qualified health professional, the use of Botox can really help to make the patient’s face look younger and beautiful. 

What is Botox treatment and who should use it? 

Botox is a one of several neurotoxins that are approved by the FDA to treat facial skin wrinkles, forehead creases and eye area fine lines commonly referred to as “crow’s feet.” This treatment is also used in a number of other cosmetic procedures as well. Botox really targets the natural nerve to muscle communication by effectively blocking the signal that would normally cause the underlying facial muscles to contract, twitch or otherwise react. This treatment is best performed on healthy patients in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and sometimes older. 

Are There Risks of Getting Botox Injections? 

Like just about any other medical or cosmetic treatment, there can be some risks to Botox treatments. If the toxin is injected in the wrong spot, there might be more extensive and rarely permanent muscle and/or nerve paralysis of the treated facial muscles below the skin layers. Another risk is an exaggerated facial expression that resembles a surprised look. Depending on each patient’s individualized case, these elective cosmetic injections might simply not work as the patient would like it too. These risks can be drastically minimized by choosing an experienced, trained and certified healthcare professional like a cosmetic dermatologist, plastic surgeon or other reputable cosmetic skin expert. 

What Are the Common Side Effects Following a Botox Treatment? 

A skilled cosmetic specialist can target each treatment injection to better customize these impressive beauty treatments. The neurotoxin can simply cause a temporary muscle paralysis. Sometimes, the doctor will gently focus on very specific facial skin issues that lowers the muscle contraction effects. This results in a very natural appearance. Some minor injection site redness, swelling or bruising might occur, but these symptoms subside quickly. 

Rarer side effects can include headaches, “frozen” facial muscles, blurred or other vision problems, dry mouth and spreading paralysis that can be life threatening. Again, these adverse symptoms are rare when selecting a qualified skin specialist who is trained to assess and quickly treat any problems before the patient leaves. 

Are There Pros for Undergoing a Botox Skin Treatment? 

Patients that elect to have one or more Botox treatments often note that their facial skin looks younger and problematic areas like wrinkles and lines can be greatly lessened. Most patients also report more confidence in their appearance following this effective cosmetic procedure. This skin treatment might even prevent the patient from developing more facial age mars according to NewSkin Laser Center

The skin rejuvenating results from a Botox treatment session will vary depending on the specifics of each patient. Botox might be highly effective in patients in their late twenties and thirties. Older patients might get better results with other cosmetic facial skin treatments that can be performed at the same time. Botox can be a powerful age-busting cosmetic treatment, and results can be seen in just days and should last for three months.


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