What to Look for When Buying Best Gaming Laptops



This article is about the best laptops for gaming. I am a big fan of gaming and when it comes to multiplayer streaming, I just love that. I have been into this for a couple of years and last month I decided to buy one for my son.

It is not easy to select the best suited laptop for gaming when every other brand claims to be the best. With advancements in the technology there are many new features that are being added on daily basis.

Laptops manufacturers are working hard to deliver best possible features for the buyers. When you plan to buy a laptop for gaming, there are few things that you should look for. I will get into those details below.

Laptops should have a quality build with user-friendly features and at the same time it should have better specifications.

When I decided that I will write an article on laptops and that too for gaming, I knew where I can find best people. My school mate has just started working at this awesome blog, and I have seen their couple of articles. These guys are just awesome and  when it comes to buy Best Gaming Laptops for 2019, they know what is best.

Let us start the hunt for gaming laptop.

Here we go:


This is one of the most important features that will determine your gaming experience. I always recommend going for the best and nowadays, you can even select the full HD resolution that will just amaze you.

The best gaming laptops normally come ready with a dedicated graphics card for video display. I recommend going for a 1080 pixels and you will never regret this.

With HD resolution, you will have best and real life image quality and you will always appreciate.


Now this is extremely importat, games nowadays require more storage. Latest gmaes wich are coming with the 3D graphics require much more space as compared to the normal games. It is better to buy once, so you will never have to worry again about the shortage of space in your gaming laptop.

I would suggest that you should start with a minimum of 1 TB of data storage, however this can always be expanded depending on your requirements.

Your storage will be up to you but know that few laptops will run a bit slower if they are clogged up with too many things to store. More is always better in the case of data storage for gaming laptops. Recently I have bought my laptop with 5 TB of hard disk and I am enjoying it. Now I can store multiple games at a time and there is no lag while I play on my laptop.


Remember a gaming laptop can be a bit heavy and that is normal. Gaming laptops are not like other laptops which are just made for routine daily work.

With super fast graphics card and more data storage capacity, these gaming laptops tends to be a bit heavy.

Thanks to the latest technology now many companies are coming out with sleek designs that are just awesome, latest version of the Razer is one such example.

Next comes the size of the screen, for a gaming laptop you should go for a minimum of 17 inches display. If you are into online streaming, these big sized displays are always a coll thing to have.


This is like the heart of a laptop. A good gaming laptop needs super fast processor and good RAM. I recommend that you should at least for a 7th generation i5 for a minimum. If you are serious about this gaming thing then forget everything and just buy 7th generation core i7. This will give a boost to your gaming experience.

Next thing that come along with the processor is the RAM. Random access memory is crucial for the games and almost every application that you tends to play on your laptop. I recommend going with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM if you are planning for gaming streaming.


I hope, after this detailed article on best gaming laptops, you can now confidently go and buy your desired laptop. You can always ask me any question, use the comment section below.

Best of Luck.

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