Aftercare and safety tips for microblading

Aftercare and safety tips for microblading


Microblading is an essential part of today’s cosmetic world. It helps you achieve the party-ready look without doing much to your eyebrows. However, it does take time, money, and comes with a set of pros and cons.


You may hear a microblogging artist tell you to be careful about your eyebrows. Once you get the microblogging done, you will need to visit the expert from time to time to get touch-up done. Your artist may prescribe you a list of aftercare and safety tips for your microblade eyebrows. Know all about the process and why you might need microblading as you read below.


What is microblading?


For all those, who do not know, microblading is a technique to improve the eyebrow appearance. This further contributes to enhancing the overall appearance. Microblading is also known as micro-stroking or feather touch. Expert and trained eyebrow micro blading artists carry out the microblading procedure only when they are certified. Different state has different laws around it, so you need to know the rules that lie for you.


The microblading procedure requires applying fine strokes between the eyebrows. These are carved in such a way that they look like your natural ones. The microbladed eyebrows can last from three months to three years. It all depends on how you take care of it. However, it also depends on how you protect it from sunlight and water.


In the microblading procedure, the cuts are made into the eyebrows skin. Then the pigments are inserted into the wounds. However, aftercare and maintenance are essential in the case of microblade eyebrows. When you get microblading done, you need to be very careful. The skin tends to become sensitive after the process. Thus, your microblading artist may recommend you to avoid touching the area for at least ten days. They may also call you for a follow-up appointment to check the condition of the brows.


The aftercare for microblading


Just like you take care of a tattoo, you should take care of your microbladed eyebrows too since the skin is sensitive. Once you get microblading done, the pigment will become dark, and the surface will turn red. As a result, you should keep dabbing the area with a cotton swab for up to two hours after your treatment. This will help you to get over the excessive due in the field. Make sure the area is sterile. Usually, it takes 7-14 days for the skin to heal completely. After that, the natural color of the skin will begin restoring.


You should take care and follow the steps mentioned below to avoid any unnecessary circumstances:


  •    When you go to shower, make sure to keep the facial area dry. This is because you should prevent the microblade eyebrows from becoming wet for up to 10 days.


  •    Avoid applying makeup to your face. The makeup settling on your face can feel problematic. The composition may get into the cuts, thereby causing bleeding in some cases.


  •    Do not visit any area or don’t do any activity that causes excessive sweating unless the eyebrows have healed. You should prepare a follow-up appointment with your microblading artist and consult whether the area is beautiful or not.


  •    Your hair should not touch your brow line.


  •    Even if you feel like itching you should not itch the eyebrow area. Apart from that, you should also prevent scabbing and tugging.


  •    Your microblading artist may suggest you any lotion or cream to apply over the microblade eyebrows. Make sure you follow the instructions of the expert accordingly.


Maintenance tips


The experts would ask you to get a touch-up for your microblade eyebrows, once in a year. By this touch-up, you will be able to add continuous pigments on your brow. This will help to add a more natural look. Make sure to take proper care of your skin after healing. To prevent the eyebrow color from fading, use the sunscreen as suggested by experts. Although it is a permanent process, the microblade eyebrows will take a lot of time to heal. You should get microblading entirely done after two years.


Microblading can be painful in some cases. However, you need to take care of your eyebrows well, or it will fade soon, and the chances of bleeding can increase too. Make sure to consult with your microblading artist about the steps that you should be taking.

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