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How to Get Perky Boobs? (5 Most Effective Ways)

How to Get Perky Boobs? (5 Most Effective Ways)


Let’s you and I have a real talk here. How to get perky boobs? It’s not the first time you’re looking for the answer to this question. But it’s definitely the first time you’re looking in the right place.

Now I’m not going to tell you that exercising is going to make your breasts look firm and upright. At least not as much as you expect it to! But chest workout does tone up and strengthen your pectoral muscles. And over time, this CAN make your boobs look quite cheerful.

Apart from exercise, there are other methods too. That provide both short-term and long-term benefits. So let’s get to know them below.

How to Get Perky Boobs: The 5 Most Effective Ways

  1. Get Fitted


I cannot stress how important it is to wear a proper-fitting bra. More often than not, you end up with the wrong size. But just remember that a well-fitted bra has the ability to do a lot more than you can imagine. It offers all the support and lift your breasts demand. To give them that much-needed perky shape!

If professional fittings aren’t your thing, it’s alright. Cause you can measure the correct size of your breasts right at home too. And here’s how:

Since we’re talking about the bra fit, let me discuss something relevant. When bra shopping, you should always take the following factors into account. They are directly related to the fit of the bra.

  • Choose front-closure bras to boost cleavage

There’s no denying that front-closing bras with molded cups bring those bosoms together. And this is what gives them the cleavage-enhancing look and lift.


  • Choose balconette bras for the push-up effect


Did you know that a balconette bra can lift your breasts just like any push-up bra? That means without squishing the twins together. The result of which is a dramatic cleavage and more volume.


  • Choose the best bra for lift and side support


If you think such a perfect bra doesn’t exist, you’re mistaken. The best bra for lift and side support is equipped with an underwire. Along with a broader band and wider straps!

Full-coverage cups are also notable features of such bras. These types of cups hand over all the support and lift your droopy breasts can make the most of.

  1. Befriend Push-Up Bras


If you want to know how to get perky boobs, then buy a push-up bra. The push-up style, obviously, pushes up the breasts. So they end up looking fuller. With a boost in the cleavage area too!

You can try push-up bras with either a normal plunge or deep plunge neckline. And in most cases, the bra is also packed with light to ample padding. So don’t ever underestimate the cleavage-enhancing and lift-giving power of a push-up bra.

  1. Perform Chest-Targeted Exercises


You can never go wrong with this one. Targeting the upper body does help in strengthening your chest muscles. In fact, the exercises improve your body posture too! And this is hugely responsible for making your boobs look perky.

You can begin with push-ups, chest press, and chest fly. Start with 5 or 10 pounds dumbbells. And then gradually move higher. Likewise, increasing the number of reps and sets you do each day.

  1. Pamper Yourself with Breast Massage


Massaging the breasts increases blood flow. Along with stimulating collagen production! And when that happens, muscles become tighter and firmer. It even boosts tissue growth.

But what is the right way for massaging the breasts?

  • Cup your right hand at the top of the left breast.
  • After cupping, gently squeeze the spot. The pumping motion should be rhythmic.
  • Then move the right hand downward gradually.
  • Work-around the inner, under, and outer part of the right breast. The pumping motion should be the same.
  • You can alternate between pumping and squeezing.

And that’s about it. No need to go to any of those ridiculously expensive massage salons to get the job done!

  1. Incorporate Smart Bra Hacks


Yes, exercising does help in tightening the chest muscles. And yes, the most suitable bra does keep your boobs from bouncing a bit too much. But that doesn’t mean the game is over. You can try any of the following “short-term” bra hacks too if you’re in the mood.

  • Turn a regular bra into racerback

If you want some extra lift, why not transform your bra into the racerback version?

To be able to do that, what you need is a bra clip. It holds the two straps together at the back.


  • Wear two bras at once


This is a classic move, isn’t it? Wearing two bras can actually make your breasts look perkier. But that is only if you’re not uncomfortable doing so.

If you’re going to put on two bras at the same time, one has got to be bigger than your normal size. And the bigger one is what goes on top, doesn’t it?


  • Sock stuffing


Do you really want your cleavage to look enhanced? Then try stuffing the bra with socks. But how?

Fold a sock and place it below the outer part of your boobs. Choose larger socks for a bigger lift. And smaller ones for a mild boost!

Final Words

So what’s the question here? It’s how to get perky boobs? The answer is, do chest exercises on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a long-term, permanent solution!

But for temporary and quick results, make sure you’re buying the right size and style of bras.

About the author:

Laura Cooper likes to think of herself as an average product reviewer. But the truth of the matter is that her work is no way average. The articles Laura creates on a regular basis surpass expectations in terms of quality and authenticity. She has been reviewing women-centric products for many years now. So it’s only natural to assume that her posts are becoming widely dependable. Buying without reading through her comprehensive guides is just not possible.





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