How to take care of old people?



There comes a time in our lives when we realize that our parents are growing old. We need to start taking preparation to help them differently and take several aspects under consideration. This article enables you to take a look at a few of those aspects so that you can help them better.


Steps to take care of the elderly


Read through the following points to help yourself make the necessary changes in your life:


  1.    Caring physically


You need to look into the things that need immediate attention regarding their health. Older adults have some apparent issues like joint paint, blurry eyesight, forgetfulness, and so on. Depending on the problems your parents or grandparents are facing, you need to cater to them according.


You need to keep an eye on their physical health by taking them to a doctor regularly. If they are having difficulty, you need to address the issue. Apart from pain or weakness, they might feel tired and fatigued. These can be cues of major health disorders, and it might need immediate attention.


  1.    Instill the practice of exercise


Fitness through exercise regimen has perks for everyone, and it shouldn’t stop with age. When you start getting old, your body starts losing mobility. To keep yourself healthy and flexible, you must exercise regularly. Instilling the importance of fitness is essential. These are some exercises that older adults can follow with assistance:


  •    30 minute of intense activity like swimming, biking, or running. If the elderly is very fragile for these exercises, they can stick to walking.
  •    Indulge in exercises that elevate heart rate and increase breathing rate. Twenty minutes of such activity on every alternate day is enough.
  •    Help them do stretching exercises like yoga for 10 minutes every day. It helps retain flexibility and keeps people mobile.
  •    You can also try weight strengthening exercises that they can do with free weights, body weight, and resistance bands. Just make sure they don’t repeat it every day but instead every alternate day.


If the elderly at your home doesn’t like do any of these, try to introduce Range of Motion exercises to them. Let them know that it is good for their joints and they might follow.


  1.    Serve homemade meals


Consuming fast food or junk can leave a negative impact on anyone’s health. When you’re talking about older adults, the effects can be worse. You should stick to making and serving home-cooked meals for everyone in the family, especially the elderly. Even if you have to order food from outside, make sure you cook something for them at home. Older adults need food that is rich in nutrition, prepared at home and is healthy to eat.


  1.    Caring mentally


Now that people are considering mental health more important than before, you must find the same for the elderly. They need extensive care because they have a lot of memories compared to what we do. It is a mix of emotions, and they need to let it out at times. We can be a listener to them and also help them create happier memories.


  1.    Deal with resistance


One problem you might have when trying to deal with seniors is resistance. Old people tend to procrastinate much more than we do. We need to deal with them with patience so that they don’t feel like they’re bothering us. Try to laugh and joke to keep their mood cheerful. Suggest them lifestyle changes so that they are healthy and listen to them carefully. You might not like to hear what they say all the time, especially if they repeat it. But they might not remember that they’ve said it already.


  1.    Give them respect


It is important to remind people that they are respected even if they are not as active as they used to be. Old people start feeling like they don’t have any worth as they don’t earn money. It is excruciating and often leads to psychological trauma. Let them engage in daily chores if they can move about and do their own thing. It helps them feel worthwhile and reminds them that they deserve respect.


  1.    Help them fight loneliness


You cannot always be around the older adults as you have to go to work. These are the time when the elderly feel lonely and wish they have friends around. You must make it a point to take them out on weekends and ask relatives to come over whenever they can.


For times you don’t know what to do, and you can’t keep them alone, come over to Skylark Home Care for assistance. They will get all the care that they need, indulge in fun activities, have healthy food, medicines on time, and more.

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