Differences and advantages between a customized Web page and one based on a template

The choice between designing a customized Web page or through a template should be taken according to the needs of the company, objectives and, above all, budget available.

Decisions are shaping the direction of our business ideas and ventures. When we talk about Web presence, these decisions can have a very strong effect on the results we obtain, after all, the way we present our offer is what invites our potential customers to want to know more .

good web page design is complex due to the multiple options we have. While we know what tools not to use, even within those that are allowed, there are several that meet our expectations in different degrees.

From the outset I could tell you to build a Web page from scratch, completely customized, because that gives you the freedom to capture your idea as you have thought, but when we talk about costs, it is not so profitable.

And, while designing a customized Web page, from scratch, can give very good results , there are cheaper and faster ways to get a good basis for the exposure of our business idea.

What does it depend on that we choose one over another?

The truth is that it depends on the objectives that we have set and how we understand that the solution must be given to achieve them. For me, that I have a more technical point of view, the development from a pre-built system, whether HTML template or template / theme for WordPress, offers solutions good enough for most businesses .

Other entrepreneurs and developers believe that starting from scratch is the best way to do it, even if you have to spend a lot of money for it.

Perhaps for you, who are used to listening to WordPress or other content managers, it is strange the possibility of developing a Web page without its use, but there are people who do it; I could say that it is a more common practice than you think.

If you are thinking about this option, I would recommend that you ask yourself how much administration facility you need. If the pages of your website are static and should not be updated frequently, custom development may be a good option .

Web page design based on static templates or WordPress

In this case I must refer to two options; the first is the one we know the most. We can use a content manager such as WordPress with a template – known as theme, theme – of those in the store, either free or paid.

The second option is to develop a Web page without a content manager , with a template that we can also buy. In this case the template is not more than a pre-developed design in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and even in some cases, PHP and any other programming language necessary for its implementation.

These files are modified according to the information we want to show and are uploaded to the server.

Of the two options, I prefer to use a template in WordPress , for the ease of managing the content. The option of the template without content manager is more used for pages where it is not necessary to adjust anything in short periods of time, or for the development of strategic or niche microsites. If you have to make a change, you must understand how to use the programming languages ??that are necessary.

In case you develop your Web page from a template you will have these disadvantages, limitations or cons:

There is the risk that another person or company has the same template

This is the biggest risk of all, because if you want to consolidate a brand, you should have a unique website .

You can edit the styles of the template, to slightly vary the way you see something in it. But in the end the improvements are not significant; It is the same base with different colors.

The templates may not be optimized

We must see this as a disadvantage, especially in the templates without content manager.

Many times the visual impact is achieved, but they do not strive so that what they have created satisfies all the requirements at the level of SEO Web positioning in search engines such as Google.

Even in WordPress we find templates that are not optimized in SEO , with a complex and slow code to load; that affects the indexation of Web pages in Google a lot.

Templates that do not work in all browsers

Typically, template developers, especially if they are free, do not evaluate whether they work for all browsers. While it is true that the code of the different language, such as HTML, has been standardized so that all browsers look the same, it is true that each of them translates the code in its own way.

Resources that work well in one browser may fail in the others .

Technical support almost non-existent.

It will vary according to the case. In general, if you take a free Web template, you will not have a technical support center on your website , in case something should fail.

Some payment templates, especially for WordPress, do offer us technical support, although it is not always the best.

You adapt to the template and not her to you

You may think that to differentiate yourself from the rest you can make important changes, but it is not possible.

It’s called a template for a reason. The changes you can make are minimal . In fact, even changing the size of an image can be quite an odyssey.

But, on the other hand, we have several advantages when designing a Web page from a template are:

Excellent for low budget projects

If WordPress is a free content manager and the template is also free, you can imagine that the investment required for your website is very low .

Also, you can find free templates for Web pages without WordPress, although in that case you should know how to edit them; Knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Little time to implement

This is one of the reasons why I like WordPress content manager so much.

Do you know how much it costs to assemble a customized system of this magnitude? Much! Having the system pre-built and the templates ready at our disposal can be very good to save a lot of time.

If the design of the website does not change, we are talking about days for the site to be ready .

It is easy to implement

The changes that can be made in a template in the case of WordPress, are simple and can be done by a person who does not know anything about programming .

In the case of templates without a content manager, in HTML, they are also simple if the design is fully respected; you just have to fill in the information and content spaces.

Design of customized Web pages and from scratch

Many points indicated above as disadvantages, of web pages created from a template, are exactly the advantages of Web pages developed completely custom.

As in the previous case, we can create our own customized design based on a content management system, such as WordPress, which we recommend whenever possible, or from scratch without a content manager or with a content manager. made to measure

When a Web page is created with its own content management panel, it is usually Web sites whose maintenance will be little or very specific. Therefore, the functions are usually very limited.

It can also be the case that it is a very large and complex Web project, so that none of the standard content managers offer the functions to properly manage the website.

For giving you some reference, I once managed with a Web application from a very specific sector, linked to an inventory manager and CRM, and there we worked with a custom system, including the control panel, because neither WordPress nor another manager of contents offered what the client needed.

The advantages of designing a fully customized Web page are:

You get what you really need

Undoubtedly, it is like building a house from the first planes; You have all the freedom to say what you want in each place. If you want to establish a brand that differs from the rest, this is your best option .

As I said before, whenever you can, use a pre-built content manager for administration, such as WordPress, if it adapts to what you need. But, if you do not adapt to your company, you can create everything from scratch perfectly.

In fact, I do not want you to think that only very large Web projects opt for the option of having a Web content manager of their own; You can have a very simple Web page, with a custom template, and for whatever reason it is much better to use a management panel of your own.

You can guide the Web completely to SEO

For a Web development of this type you need highly trained personnel. The advantage is that you are sure that all aspects of SEO optimization are covered to make your website attractive to search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Believe me, many times optimizing Web pages in WordPress can be a nightmare, because the templates are not designed for those changes. Many times there are incompatibilities with plugins, we also do not have all the domain over the files and their SEO optimization.

You can be sure it works in all browsers

Of course, you must demand these tests, but usually, if you hire a professional website design studio , you will do it. With this you take away a lot of headaches and make sure that the design of your Web page looks as it should, no matter where the user goes from.

Scalable design and functionality

There is always the option of improving the base so that it adapts to what you need at all times . For example, you may start with a simple development and then incorporate an ecommerce – virtual store.

Better user experience

You can design how users interact with your Web page; after all, it is what is wanted in these cases. It’s what you’ve been saying: the site of your website is tailored to your needs.

But, on the other hand, custom designing a Web page has some disadvantages :

It is much more expensive

It will depend on the way you decide to work, but if it is a design from scratch and without a pre-developed manager like WordPress, it can be considerably more expensive.

It is normal that it is so; You will have several designers and programmers working on your website .

It takes more time

Sometimes, in this aspect, neither money can influence the time it takes to develop a customized Web page. These developments take their time from conception to implementation .

You must value even the time that is spent in solving possible problems during development. Especially if you try to create something really novel.

Final considerations

As I said at the beginning, the custom design of a Web page from scratch, made by professional Web designers, may be the best option of all, but it is not available to everyone.

If your business is small and you have a budget for a template in WordPress, you can still achieve good results. With this I want you to know that these are not absolutes, that is, they are not bad decisions or good decisions; they are more better decisions according to the panorama that we have in front .

If you want to make an effort to highlight that unique aspect of your brand, but a development from scratch is out of your budget, you can hire someone to make a template for WordPress ; that is a cheaper solution.


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