The differences between Family Dentist and General Dentist


The concepts of a general dentist and that of a family dentist both involve the fact that there is extensive formal training whereby the practitioners in each status must have acquired at least an undergraduate degree, attended the dental school and is fully eligible to perform the duties of a general dentist. The differences now arise from how the general dental expert wants give services to the community.

The general dentist usually restricts his services to a specific age group while the family dentist decides to attend to all age groups. This means that the former will present his readiness only to give dental services to only children, young adults or mature adults. This means that once he is ready to serve in the capacity of a general dentist, he will be equipped with tools which suit that age group only. A family dentist on the other hand is well set to give services to all clients regardless of the age group. That means that he has different equipment meant to solve dental problems of different age groups of patients.

A family dentist, such as Lasting Smiles of Bethlehem, treats each member of the client’s family and therefore can easily trace the facts associated with the different issues of their dental cases. For example he may easily establish that they all have the same dental problem such as tooth decay; that helps him to generate certain ideas about the lifestyles of people in this family like the type of toothpaste they use and any other essential facts. This becomes a basis to give general advice to the whole family which might solve the problem permanently. The general dentist however may not easily establish this information because he is not aware that what affects this child brought to him has also affected other family members who are outside the age-bracket he treats.

A family dentist subjects the whole family to a common dental care experience since he gives them advice and they utilize it collectively as a family. This opportunity lacks in the services of a general dentist because he has not established the chance to serve the family as a whole. The latter’s clients distribute themselves to different dental clinics since they are of different ages.

The services of the general dentist are likely to be more expensive than those of family dentist because usually service providers tend to serve their frequent clients at a subsidized rate. Frequency of visits to a family dentist is higher because all the members go for dental attention. It may not necessarily be an arising problem but a routine check-up for all the family members. This is not the case with general dentist because he may receive a client from a certain family once in a while since different family members belong to different age-brackets hence visit different dentists whenever they have dental issues.

All in all, while both types of dentists aim at making their clients free from dental torments and ensure a healthy smile, family dentists’ services are more enjoyed by patients because nobody enjoys hopping here and there to look for services of the same professionals.   It should be noted on the other hand that super services may be attained from the general dentist because he equips the clinic adequately for the age-group he handles.

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