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What damages callogen in your skin

Collagen is a component of many structures of our body and is responsible for making our skin look firm and smooth. However, the synthesis of this substance can be affected by different factors that we will call collagen destructors . Next, we help you to know and avoid these enemies of your skin to take care of their structure and beauty.

The consequences of decreased collagen

The collagen is in large proportion in our skin , forming a fabric with other compounds which are responsible for giving the skin support and firmness, besides softness and a solid structure.

Therefore, when there is a large presence of collagen destroyers in our life and its synthesis is reduced or its levels decrease, one of the main consequences that appears on the skin is flaccidity as we showed before , or lack of firmness, that between other things can also give rise to an unpleasant double chin .

But flaccidity is not the only consequence of the decrease in collagen, but also, the development or accentuation of wrinkles , and the presence of pallor or an opaque color on the skin.

Finally, collagen is not only needed to maintain but also to create new structures or layers of skin, so if you have a wound and you lack collagen, it is likely that the same afternoon to heal and leave you a more noticeable mark than if you had good levels of this compound in your body.

Clearly, the decrease in collagen cannot only affect health but also significantly affect our aesthetics by generating direct consequences on our skin . Therefore, it is necessary to know and avoid the collagen destructors.

The things that damages collagen

Among the main collagen destroyers that you can avoid in your lifestyle are:

  • The habit of smoking that considerably reduces the synthesis of collagen, as has been proven in a study with smokers and non-smokers; and that can indirectly destroy its presence by generating a greater production of oxygen free radicals.
  • Diets deficient in vitamin C , since this micronutrient is essential for the synthesis of collagen and the maintenance of its structure, so that a lack of its presence causes the weakening of the collagenous material and can cause the above-mentioned consequences.
  • A diet high in glycemic index , that is, with a large presence of simple sugars and low fiber content, since they favor the glycation and oxidation of proteins such as collagen and weaken it. Therefore, it is best to choose foods with low glycemic index.
  • Excess solar radiation that has been demonstrated , produce alteration of the collagen fibers of the skin and may favor the early development of wrinkles or accentuate those that are generated by the natural aging of the body.
  • Oxidative stress that fragments collagen fibers and that not only originates with smoking, but also with the absence of adequate rest or excessive physical exercise . Therefore, it is advisable to avoid factors that increase the free radicals of oxygen and accentuate the presence of oxidants in our body.
  • These are the main things that damages collagen that we can avoid by leading a healthy lifestyle, where there is no presence of toxic habits such as smoking, rest is taken care of, regular physical activity is done without passing and balanced diets are taken where antioxidants are not lacking nor over oxidants like sugars.Similarly, it is necessary to take care of sun exposure and not overdo it when we seek to get a tan on our skin, because ultraviolet radiation can damage the collagen fibers.Then, in addition to leading a lifestyle characterized by healthy habits that take care of the internal functioning of the organism, it is necessary to avoid these collagen destroyers to look beautiful protecting the structure of the skin .


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