5 reasons why Turkey is the world’s hair transplant destination

5 reasons why Turkey is the world’s hair transplant destination

It is in our nature to be intrigued by the success of a person, nation, or in our case a country. Inherently, as joyful for the accomplishments of the other party, we cannot help but delve deeper into the story. For Turkey to earn the title of the world’s hair transplant capital is nothing short of an awe-inspiring achievement. To be a leader in a field of 195 competitors, Turkey must have excelled in a few elements many have slept on.

Factors that helped make Turkey the world’s hair transplant attraction

1- Affordable prices

“The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges from $1,700 and $2,000. While the same operation in Britain or the U.S. could cost up to $25,000.”

 Nicole Crowder, The Washington Post

For starters, the cost-efficient procedures are not of poor quality, on the contrary, the standard of medical care in Turkey clashes with its low prices. In reality, the matter relies on perspective. From a Turkish citizen’s point of view, the prices we see as affordable are out of reach. For a person earning their money in Dollars, Pounds, and Euros; the costs of hair transplants are cheap.

2- Cutting-edge technologies

Being the center of attention is never easy. High demand, the pressure to excel, and effort to maintain the achievements all come into the equation. In other words, hair transplants centers have popped up like mushrooms all across the country to meet the increasing medical tourists flocking into the country for hair restoration. While the hundreds of clinics helped serve the thousands of patients coming in monthly, it also creates a competitive environment. Every hair transplant center wants to stand out. The result is more innovations, better services, and happier patients.

Turkey retains various hair transplant techniques such as sapphire FUE that make the process all the more efficient and successful.

3- Top notch services

Hair transplant centers in Turkey offer outstanding services for medical tourists to facilitate their stay away from home. The services include airport pick up, a private car and a driver, interpreters to break the language barriers, and occasionally a complementary PRP treatment.

4- Operates above-board

The Turkish government does not take regulations lightly particularly with the medical field. As a matter of fact, it runs frequent spontaneous inspections to make sure every medical facility encased within its grounds meets the international standards of medical care. In addition to government accreditation, Turkey retains the highest number of JCI approved hospitals.

5- Medical tourism is a growing trend

Medical tourism has become the trend of our era, thousands seek medical care abroad and prices are not the only contributing factors. In reality, medical tourism offers much more than money saving. The thrill that comes with discovering a new country while simultaneously receiving a life-changing makeover is simply unprecedented.

Turkey’s climate, culture, architecture, geography, and most importantly cuisine has helped the country leap to the first rank as the world’s first choice for hair transplantation.

Bottom line 

Owing to its culture, regulations, and innovations; Turkey has earned a title hundreds of countries are fighting over. With continuous effort and work ethics, Turkey got to maintain its position as the world’s leading hair transplant destination.

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