Skateboard Cruising – The Sport Not For The Faint-hearted Person

You are wondering how to do the skateboard cruising correctly? If yes, then click this link to check all the detailed information about this fantastic extreme sport.

Skateboarding is not only a popular and temporary extreme sport, but it has become a culture of young people. Nowadays, many people perceive this sport as a fascinating art.

The skateboard’s shape is usually oval. People can add some motifs onto their board, showing the personality of the owner.

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Amazing skill in Skateboarding

Skateboard is not only an exciting means of transportation, but it is also an art, a hobby. You can practice, create and perform as many techniques as you can imagine.

But before you can use the tricks, you have to learn the basic of Skateboarding. You must know that this extreme sport requires many complex techniques and skills.

So how do you do skateboarding right?

Let’s continue to read our guide below; you can have a basic knowledge of skateboarding.

How to do the skateboarding right

Learn how to stand on a skateboard properly

At the first lesson, you need to know how to stand on the skateboard without falling. When you don’t get fall quickly, you can start to slide faster or practice some tricks.

Balance on the skateboard

  • Lay the board on the ground, then put your feet on the board to learn how to set up the body and to keep the balance.
  • Set your foot horizontally on the skateboard, which makes it almost parallel to the wheel-mounted part of the skateboard.
  • Put your right foot on the front skate, and the left one in the back to push the board up.
  • Push the skateboard back and forth a few times to see how the wheels move and to get familiar with the skateboard. Otherwise, you do it to check if there are any problems with the skateboard.

Start sliding skateboard

After you know how to get balance when standing on the skateboard, you can continue to the next step which is skateboards cruising. But be careful, you don’t have to slide fast for the first time.

Please follow the below steps and practice carefully and accurately.

  • You try to push the board gently by you left-foot, then place both legs on the board. Turn the right-foot slightly until it is in line with the skateboard.
  • You have to slide carefully when practicing; you don’t want to get into an accident just because you go too fast when you’re not ready.
  • After the skateboard moves, putting your leg on the end of the skateboard where is in front of the curved tail. Keep your balance and slip.

Start sliding

  • Remember to lower your knees a bit to keep your balance better.
  • Keep pushing up the skateboard until you find yourself slowing down. The more you practice, the more you master the skateboarding.

Learn how to stop the movement

Learn how to brake and stop is very important. If you cannot control your skateboard to brake correctly, you may get into an accident when you meet an obstacle.


  • To stop the movement, you need to put your left foot on the ground when you are moving, which will break the momentum of the skateboard.
  • You should not step off the board immediately at high speed. You have to glide your feet gradually and slowly placing your feet on the ground.
  • After you stop successfully, remember to put your foot on the skateboard to keep it, or it will continue to slide.

You can also lean back and push the tail of the skateboard to the ground when you want to stop.

Stop the skateboard

Some skateboards have a plastic “brake” piece on the edge of the board, but most are not. This type of brake will be a bit more difficult and will scratch the back of the skateboard.

Learn how to fall

Trust me; you need to learn how to fall correctly. All skaters frequently fall from the beginning.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to fall safely to avoid serious injuries and scratches.

It’s necessary to learn some tips to keep yourself safe.

  • Put your hand out relaxing. If you keep your hands hard, you will be at higher risk of twisting your wrists and ankles when you the fall.
  • Roll out as soon as you fall. You may get a little scratch, but it will be less painful than putting your hands directly on the ground.
  • Jump out if you feel something is wrong. If you are sliding too fast and you cannot control the speed, jump out of the board immediately and land on your feet, or rolling into the grass.
  • Do not stand on the board when you have lost control.

Things to consider when you play skateboard

Find a skateboard suitable for you

There are many kinds of skateboards at various prices and also come in many sizes and designs.

The two most basic types are short and long skateboards. You can visit some skateboard stores near you or the online shops to choose the best skateboard for cruising that satisfies your desire.

As you may not know, the short skateboard has a curved nose and tail section, which help the skateboard to perform eye-catching skills.

They have many sizes, mostly about 80 cm long and 20 cm wide. The short one is the type of board you should buy if you want to practice skating on the rink or the road as well as to practice tricks.

Various type of Skateboard

So what about the long skateboards?

Long skateboards have a longer and flatter body than the regular ones, which makes them more stable and easier to use for the beginners.

It is challenging to perform skills with a long skateboard. However, if you prefer to use it as a vehicle to move, it will be a great choice.

Buy the appropriate protective equipment

When you first try skateboarding, you will fall many times. Therefore, it is essential to invest good safety kits such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Make sure you buy a helmet that fits your head. Before buying, use a tape to measure the circumference of your head.

Don’t be shy to wear the protective pads. It is important to protect yourself, especially your head from possible injuries and accidents during training.

Buy an appropriate pair of shoes

Not every shoe can suit for sliding skates; you need some specific kinds of shoes for skateboard cruising.

Skateboarding shoes are usually produced by some famous brands such as DC, Nike, Vans, or Etnies. These shoes have durable surfaces and flat bases, great for clinging to the board.

Nike shoes for Skateboarding

Although you can always do skateboarding with casual shoes, skateboarding shoes will help you slide more efficiently and more easily.

Never go skateboard cruising with sandals or slippers. If you wear those sandals, you may be more likely to have heel pain and more likely to fall.

In Conclusion,

We have given you the most detailed information and some essential remarks about how to do the skateboarding the right way.

We hope that you have enough knowledge of skateboard cruising and can be ready to try this fantastic extreme sport.

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