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Water pollution: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions.

With the passage of time; the contamination of water has been increasing making prevail an endless number of negative conditions for all living beings; it is one of the most susceptible natural elements and that with the increase of the population has had a more critical progression.

With the passage of time; the contamination of water has been increasing making prevail an endless number of negative conditions for all living beings; it is one of the most susceptible natural elements and that with the increase of the population has had a more critical progression.


What is water pollution?

This type of contamination can be defined in many ways, one of them and the most common is that it refers to the accumulation of one or more substances foreign to water that have been collected to such an extent that they generate a large number of consequences; among which is included the imbalance in the life of living beings such as animals, plants and even people susceptible to different diseases.

The contamination of water as its name indicates is highlighted in all types of water on the planet, from oceans to lakes; rivers, among other types of fresh and salt water that are found in different regions.


For its part, it is necessary to remember that water is one of the essential elements for life on Planet Earth; since it constitutes 75% of the entire surface besides being used for a huge number of purposes.

Why is it important to take care of the water?

Water is used for humans, in principle for the intake; for food and hygiene , while it is also essential to keep alive all species of plants and animals; since it is your vital source during each passing day.

The planet within its seas and oceans, 97% of its waters belong to salty waters, while the percentage that remains is of fresh water given in the rivers ; streams, lakes and lagoons. Just that 3% is the only one left for the survival of all the inhabitants of the world; that is, the consumable.

It is then when we summarize that the contamination of the water is any chemical, physical or biological modification that alters the water quality in all its contexts and that therefore is describing a great harmful effect in those who consume it; like humans, plants and all species of fauna.

Therefore, there are infinities of consequences given by the use ofcontaminated water for consumption; including making disappear many types of animal species; due to the natural change of the healthy ecosystem.

The contaminating residues ; similarly they are creating a kind of nutrition for components that are born from this same cycle, for example invasive algae; making it much more complex to evade them and prepare a healthy environment by curing all the waters.

The algae that appear after water pollution monopolize both the oxygen and the space that surrounds them, which implies that those who approach them; they will hardly have the quality of life or life to face them.

Causes of the contamination of the water


Human activities

In general, this type of pollution is generated mostly by the different activities of the human being; since they are sources they add contaminating elements to the water reserves. However, there are two kinds of pollution that reflect man:

Point sources

These sources are those that discharge contaminating agents of different severity in the different locations of any country; These normally include pipes or sewers in surface water .

Among the examples cited in these sources are the factories; treatment plants for sewage or wastewater; Oil wells and oil tankers.

Fuzzy sources

Unlike the previous ones; These polluting sources are those that can not be specified with any determination and accuracy.

The examples that fit within this type of sources are traffic; the pollutants displaced through rivers; polluting agents that enter by means of groundwater and are known to be diffuse since their origin can not be controlled since they are totally decentralized.

Sewage water

Another common cause of water pollution is solid or organic waste and debris such as faeces, urine; as well as laundry waste , requiring a good treatment for sewage and establishing it as a priority for life.

The elimination of wastewater is a context that many organizations have begun to undertake. However, this is complicated in developed countries because many inhabitants do not have access to all the sanitary conditions that life requires.

This type of water, they are not more than causes of many problems , one of them the extension of the hydric contamination since they are the zones where all usually deposit any polluting agent; chemical products and also pharmaceutical substances that completely damage the hygienic structure of the water generating other problems.

Industrial waste

Industries represent an important source of pollution for water, given that it causes really harmful results and many of them are permanent in the environment.

On the other hand, many companies of industrial work with fresh water are pouring each one of the residues of the plant in natural places like the rivers and the oceans; which causes accumulation of all its chemical waste used.

Often industrial wastes are based on Asbestos, lead; mercury, nitrates; sulfur and oils; components that damage the composition of the water immediately and at the same time; the marine species that lie beneath these surfaces.

Impact of air pollution

The accumulation of gases mixed in the atmosphere with carbon dioxide; Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are what cause the formation of a weak acid .

It is also described that the air pollution given by water vapor, absorbs all industrial gases even more; creating acid rain and thus generating a completely polluted water cycle that has a long-term impact on the health of all waters ; including the fresh waters that today serve us for the life of all species of living beings.

Consequences of water pollution


Corpses of animals in the water

With the extensive pollution of waters of all kinds, seas; oceans and rivers; the marine animals as well as the birds that feed on that water are left floating on the surface.

However, the consequences become more noticeable with respect to marine animals , since they are fish; the crabs and dolphins that are often seen dead on the water, given that the water pollution is so intense that it ends up damaging it completely; the ecosystem of your personal habitat.

Interruption of the food chain

By changing the conditions and the general state of the water in the seas and in all its sources, the effectiveness of the natural food chain is progressively altered, since there are various pollutants such as lead and cadmium, substances that small animals consume. inside the surface.

The problem lies, when large animals, eat the small ones that are already dead by taking these harmful substances , which causes the same effect on them and then on humans, when they fish them, respectively. The food chain is reduced significantly, becoming more noticeable over the years.

Destruction of ecosystem types

As a consequence of the intense contamination of the water ; Most of the ecosystems on the planet are affected because they change both the vegetation and its climate and everything that makes the species found in this environment survive.

Therefore, when modified; the life of the animals and the different types of vegetation is deteriorating more and more; At the same time, they must change the habits they were accustomed to in order to survive within this natural environment.

Due to water pollution, many ecosystems can be modified or destroyed; since the animals die or modify their habits to survive. This contamination is caused by the carelessness of humans to dispose of contaminated waste in the water.

Acid rain

The contamination of the waters with diverse chemical productsdoes not lead to more than the alteration of the pH of the waters; besides generating other alterations which leads to the water vapors created from these waters condensing in the clouds; causing the discharge of acid rain.

With this type of water; not only is any earth surface affected but it is deteriorating flora and fauna; becoming a cycle of affectation that lies in acidification without being easily cured and available for use by all living beings exposed.

Solutions for water pollution

Industrial claim

As is well known, the industry has had the most culpability in relation to water pollution; as well as other types of contaminations . Thus; It is time for the claim of this part of human activities to make an effort in the recovery of the planet.

Therefore, laws have now been passed that force industries to begin to clean up the waste they leave in their surroundings; including waters and land surfaces; in order to reduce the pollutants that progressively become part of the water’s life cycle.


After selecting electric cars, the inhabitants will automatically begin to reduce the proportion of water pollution; because there are no gases that affect the atmosphere, there are no clouds with acidified water vapor and with it; There are no acid rains , which are one of the main ways to contaminate the vital liquid.

By not having motor oils, antifreeze or car chemicals that are contaminants for water, the water pollution that has sustained them for many years will be greatly diminished.

Also, you must maintain the vehicleso that the waste is not thrown into the environment or discarded to the influx of water, since without a doubt they are leaving an impact that greatly harms the vitality of the environment.

Agricultural proposals

In part, agricultural activities have also left many consequences in the mistreatment of water health, so some solutions have been proposed regarding the agricultural system of the whole world.

These solutions reduce the amount of pollution in the different types of water; like oceans, rivers or streams. The proposals focus on abandoning the large quantity for a sufficient amount of fertilizers, pesticides, among others. Each of these chemicals to be used constantly are added to the water cycle, which ensures that healthiness is affected and thus, all its consequences are given.

Attention to waste

When properly disposing of waste products or objects that are used every day; It is much easier to make the water devoid of contamination .

Likewise, the proper management of waste that has been discarded will greatly help to control the entry of agents external to the water cycle; because they are the ones that in principle are affecting the entire water surface in any of its forms.

Everything lies in avoiding storing waste in the water channel, as well as controlling the runoff to where the waste of the day usually arrives; This will prevent pollution greatly.

Filter the water

There are several solutions that exist to prevent water pollution. A large part of them are based on filtering water; so that it runs its course without obstacles or without external agents that are integrated into its composition and contaminates the entire space over time.

Carry out each one of these care proposals for the environment and prevent pollution from advancing until it ends the life of the planet and all its living beings.

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