What is an eco or ecological park

Every day in any city in the world, there is a lot of pollution, in any of its forms, that deteriorates the environment or there is a new construction or building project that has a significant impact on the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to have ecological places that help to combat this daily pollution, thus eco parks arise.

From we will explain in detail what an ecological park is and what its objectives and benefits are. For example, in this cover image we can see the ecological park Wikado, in the Netherlands.


What are ecological parks?

At present, there are already parks in the cities, which are green spaces for public use and where there is usually abundant vegetation and different facilities, which allow you to enjoy moments of leisure and rest, both alone and in family. The term “ecological” refers to all the interactions that living beings have with the environment. So, in short, an ecological park is a green space that is characterized by its special care of vegetation, ecosystems and the species that inhabit it.

The main objective of the ecological parks is to serve as protection for the ecosystems they host and to raise awareness in the population about the importance of preserving the environment, making the population familiar with the nature that develops there. In addition, it serves as a place of leisure and allow them to carry out research and scientific studies, increasing our technical knowledge of animals, plants and various ecosystems.

According to its differential characteristics, we can classify an ecological park in different types and denominate them in a different way. Thus, among the protected areas we can speak of national parks or ecological reserves, although these denominations depend on the existing regulations in each country.

Benefits of ecological parks

Normally, the management of these ecological parks depends on the governments of each place and they bring great benefits, both for the cities that host them and for the preservation of the environment .

The benefits of these parks are in the sequestration of carbon emissions as well as in the preservation of plant species and the leisure of people. This carbon sequestration helps reduce the effects of climate change and by housing different species of animals, plant species and fungi, they help to conserve biodiversity on our planet.

Examples of ecological parks in the world

Wikado, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with a great use of wind, which can be seen in this ecological park. This park arises when an architecture studio in the city of Rotterdam, decided to build a recreational place using five blades of mills that were to be converted into waste. Thus, they became toboggans, tunnels, towers and labyrinths. For this reason, the Wikado park is an example of how to reuse materials that were to be discarded.

Rain water collector park, United States

This park was created by one of the big problems that the city of New York has such as wastewater . And is that in New York City , the sewer system is so collapsed, that one inch of water is enough for the entire system to be overflowed, with clear risks of environmental pollution and waterways in its streets. Therefore, the Department of Environmental Protection in that city found a solution, which consists of creating ecological parks that are prepared to contain this rainwater. Thus, a park was created with raised gardens, barrels, underground layers for water containment and a porous pavement, which allows this water to flow.

Kilburn Grange Adventure Play Park, United Kingdom

It is a park built by the Erect Architecture studio to offer a green space for fun and enjoyment of nature. It has climbing facilities, slides, towers and outdoor spaces. Being built near a botanical garden (in its time), the park also houses trees. A part of the materials used in the construction of this park are recycled and presents natural rocks.

Skinners Shipping Container Playground, Australia

This park located in the city of Melbourne is built with containers. It is a park where you can make multiple adventure sports and take advantage of fully recycled structures.

In the image below we can see a part of the Kilburn Grange Adventure Play Park, United Kingdom.

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