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4 remedies to keep at home for your German Shepherd

Home remedies – the healing power of natural remedies has been valued and applied for many centuries. Not only people can benefit from the effectiveness of honey, chamomile & Co., but also your German Shepherd. We have put together for you the four best home remedies from nature for your GDD.

Home remedies for your German Shepherd – trust in the power of nature

Of course, the medical care for dogs has never been better than it is today. For almost every condition there is an effective tablet or ointment. But dog owners increasingly rely on the healing power of nature. This is also due to the fact that it is often recommended not to resort to antibiotics and chemicals right away. Alternative treatment options based on nature are therefore more topical than ever. However, that does not mean that conventional medicine is taking a back seat. Rather, both variants stand side by side with equal rights and complement each other. In addition, home remedies in most cases only affect small aches and pains of four-legged friends. A veterinarian can not replace natural home remedies!

Home remedies – proven for generations

Especially with viral and bacterial problems or persistent diarrheal diseases, alternative medicine often shows good results.

The advantage: The body of the dog is not unnecessarily burdened with drugs, side effects are avoided and many home remedies are often  conveniently in the home of the dog owners  . This is a simple way to relieve minor injuries or a damaged stomach. Many home remedies have been passed on for generations and the effect has convinced many dog owners. That is why we should not reach for  chemicals in every ache your GSD may experience but give nature a chance and make it work.

For every ailment, their is a herb.

Of course, not every health problem can be treated with the help of natural home remedies. But against many complaints your GSD might experience there is a herb or home remedy for it . The list of possible home remedies is endless. That’s why we present you with the four best that have a wide range of applications and can help with the very varied ailments of your four-legged friend.



Home remedy honey – liquid gold

The liquid gold has always been considered a healing miracle weapon. People use it not only as a tasty spread, but also as a home remedy for many diseases. Its effect unfolds equally for dogs. It should be noted that only natural or medicinal honey is effective! Honey naturally benefits from its sweet taste, because then humans and animals are twice as convinced of its application. Honey is especially popular because of its antibacterial and disinfecting effect and is traded as a natural antibiotic. However, it should not be heated above 40 degrees, otherwise the enzymes contained are destroyed.

Honey can be used among other things in the following complaints of your four-legged friend:

inflammation of the ear, nose and throat
skin diseases
wound and skin care
gastrointestinal disease
stimulate metabolism

Honey can also be used preventively as a spring cure. For about eight weeks, four teaspoons of honey can be given to your German Shepherd daily.
Attention! Pay attention to increased dental care: even if the positive properties are predominant, honey is still pure sugar. As a dog owner, one is therefore even more in demand to pay attention to regular and intensive dental care. Thus, caries can be avoided as a result of honey consumption.



Carrots – versatile household remedy for your GSD.

Carrots are among the top stars of local vegetables. They are also in demand as a home remedy for one or the other ailment with four-legged friends. With the administration of carrots, several health problems can be alleviated. The contained pectins ensure that diarrhea improves and flatulence is reduced. They are also pain- and anti-inflammatory. Since carrots are worm-driving, they are also suitable for worm infestations. Important: In order for carrots to be effective, they must be grated, mashed or boiled and, ideally, enriched with a dash of oil. This helps your dog optimally absorb the valuable ingredients.

Carrots help with:

Gastrointestinal diseases
Worm infestation
Loss of appetite
Dental care
Skin care
Coat change
Worm infestation


Chamomile – delicate plant with great effect for your GSD

Chamomile is a medicinal plant with a long tradition. In ancient Egypt, Babylonia and Greece people knew about their healing power. Especially effective is the real chamomile. It grows on fields, cereal fields and roadsides. The use of real chamomile is very diverse, because it has an antiseptic, hemostatic, analgesic, digestive and soothing. Caution: Chamomile should not be used on pregnant bitches because of its anticonvulsant effect. The result could be premature labor. In addition, the flowers should not be used for treatment in the eye area. Chamomile can act as a home remedy in dogs both internally and externally healing. Especially recommended is a preparation in Teeform. This can be placed in the drinking bowl or with a syringe directly into the mouth of your four-legged friend. For abdominal pain, a wrap soaked in chamomile helps. For respiratory infections in dogs, a steam bath can promote healing. Caution: scalding hazard!

Chamomile can relieve the following conditions in the dog:

Stomach upset
Respiratory tract infections
Abdominal pain
Skin and mucous membrane inflammation


Apple cider vinegar – a proven home remedy for dogs

Apple cider vinegar has been used in homes for centuries. On the one hand because of its positive properties on health and on the other hand because of its disinfecting effect as a cleaning agent. Dogs benefit from the natural home remedy as well. It has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and overall beneficial effect on the health of the four-legged friends. An improved state of health can be achieved with one dose twice a week. When mixed in the feed, this home remedy apple cider vinegar ensures a healthy, shiny coat. It also keeps fleas away. Just as effective is the tried and tested home remedy for digestive problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar supports in:

digestive problems

and supports the:

Immune system

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