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Is my pet normal? Rare actions for you, but naturally natural

We love them almost as if they were children : we sleep with them , we kiss them and we even talk to them as if they were babies . And they never cease to amaze us. If you’ve ever wondered why your dog insists on licking your face, eating grass, greeting other dogs sniffing your ass or making so much noise while drinking , read on.

Crotch Olissates

The dog language has a lot of smell. This pet releases bodily secretions that it uses as humans use words, that is, to communicate with other congeners . It happens when he sniffs another animal’s bottom or rubs the snout around his ears.

The secret of this behavior. The canine smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more powerful and effective than ours , “thanks to its snout contains 220 million cells capable of capturing the odor molecules.” A huge amount if we compare it with our nose, which barely has five million of these receptors.

The other dogs’ hindquarters, and in concentrating their anal glands, contain an enormous amount of information for the dog. For this reason, through the sniffing of this area, he engages in a chemical conversation that allows him to discover many interesting things: among other matters, what is his gender, what he has eaten today and even what his intentions or state of mind are .

The problem is that people do not always know how to appreciate these fragrant chats, much less when their snout does not choose a congener, but our own crotch! Let’s be clear: in their language they are not bad manners. In the same way that it collects a lot of information by snooping around in the hindquarters of other dogs, surely it also gets important information from your crotch.

If this behavior bothers you – or displeases other people you meet – you can try positive dog-learning guide tricks. But remember that you must reward the behavior you seek ( stay calm and away from the crotch of others ) with cookies or friendly words, and not use the punishment.


Licking on the face

There are kisses of many types: fleeting, affectionate, prolonged … And the dogs are, above all, wet. Veterinarian¬† clarifies: “The dog uses his tongue to interact with other animals, including us, so we could say that his licking is equivalent to a caress or a loving kiss from a person”. In other words: use your language to tell you that you love.

The lick on the face is an affectionate and wet kiss in a barrel version. In fact, according to some studies , this animal receives other valuable information with this gesture, since it is able to know if you are sad or, on the contrary, overflow happiness.

Eat grass … and vomit

Your pet is not the only one that gorges on grass when it arrives at the park. As strange as this gesture may seem, it is fortunately normal: eight out of ten animals eat grass and other plants if they have access to them.

He eats grass and plants because it helps him to vomit and helps him cleanse his stomach “. Sometimes, try to expel something that has swallowed, such as a stone, a ball, or garbage. But beware: if you start eating grass compulsively because your stomach hurts, this gesture will only aggravate the irritation and may even cause gastroenteritis. Read more about why dogs eat grass .


Noises when drinking

He gets to the bowl of water, stick out his tongue … and start the fun of sounds! Dogs are not exactly discreet when they drink and even seem to have fun splashing the ground. But before getting angry, breathe and remember: this behavior is also naturally natural.

And it has an explanation that has captured the attention of scientists. The canine has the typical cheek of a quadrupedal predator, designed to open the jaw enough to bite and catch prey when it lives in a wild environment. But what is good for hunting is not always good for drinking, since it prevents you from closing your mouth completely. That’s why, it splashes when drinking .

And the noises? The dog does not suck the water, but bites it . Curve the tongue to form a kind of inverted spoon; thus it can hit the liquid with force – hence part of the noise – and, at high speed, the water remains attached to this muscle and can put it in the mouth and bite it in a sonorous way. Naturally dog ??mess is assured.

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