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A list of the best hanging succulents you need in your collection

a hanging succulent

Hanging succulents are those that fall like waterfalls. We can use them in baskets, planters, balconies and even under trees. In this article I share information and photos of some of these plants.


The best hanging succulents

When talking about cacti and succulents, maybe you think of plants from desert places with thorns. But, do you know that there are many types of succulents hanging with flowers ? These are some of my favorites.

Christmas cactus – Schlumbergera bridgesii

The Christmas cactus comes to us from the jungles of Brazil. It prefers humid climates and irrigation is very important.

There is also the Accion de Gracia cactus and the Holy Week cactus. Each cactus blooms for the dates closest to its name. Its flowers can be obtained in pink, red, white and orange.


Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus

Donkey tail – Sedum morganianum

The succulent Donkey rail is one of my favorites. Its slow growth makes it ideal for hanging from a balcony or a hanging basket.

Its leaves absorb water which makes the plant somewhat heavy. It is important to reinforce the baskets when growing this succulent pendant.

Donkey tail gives us some small white flowers. It is important that they receive good lighting if we want to see their beautiful flowers.

Sedum Morganianum, Donkey Tail, Burro's Tail
Sedum Morganianum, Donkey Tail, Burro’s Tail

Banana chain – Senecio radicans

A succulent is also known as a Chain of Bananas or Chain of Hooks due to the peculiar shape of its leaves. Our friend tends to hang around three feet or more. It looks beautiful in combination with other potted plants.

Senecio radicans (string of bananas)
Senecio radicans (string of bananas)

Rat tail – Aporocactus flagelliformis

This native Mexico and Central America cactus hangs about six feet. From time to time they give us some bright pink flowers.


They are very easy to care for and do not require pruning unless you want to control their growth.

Disocactus flagelliformis (Rat Tail Cactus)
Disocactus flagelliformis (Rat Tail Cactus)

Crassula pellucida

This lovely succulent has colorful leaves in the shape of a heart. Its leaves have different shades of pink, cream and green.

It is very good as a cover, but it looks better as a succulent pendant.

  • Crassula pellucida
    Crassula pellucida


Senecio rowleyanus or  Curio rowleyanus (String Of Pearls)

The plant of the balls that resembles a pearl necklace. Who does not like this succulent? It is beautiful, unique and interesting.

To top it all, it gives us beautiful and fragrant white flowers from spring to autumn.

Senecio rowleyanus (String Of Pearls)
Senecio rowleyanus (String Of Pearls)

Monkey tail – Hildewintera Colademononis

A while ago we talked about the Rat Tail cactus, now I present the cousin, the monkey tail cactus succulent plant is excellent for beginners. It has long, white, soft spines that look like hairs.

That succulent pendant gives great bright red flowers. It is ideal for hanging baskets and are easy to care for.

Rat Tail or Monkey's tail succulent
Rat Tail or Monkey’s tail succulent

Rhipsalis (Mistletoe cactus) – Rhipsalis baccifera

We can define this cactus with a word, elegant . Some varieties of Rhipsalis tend to hang more than others. Place one in a hanging basket to show it at eye level.


Although it is a true cactus, its origins are found in tropical rainforests. This cactus is native to Brazil and needs a lot of humidity and indirect sunlight.

Expect small white flowers in late winter or spring, followed by white fruits that look like mistletoe berries.

Rhipsalis (Mistletoe cactus)
Rhipsalis (Mistletoe cactus)

Othonna capensis

This is a succulent pendant of rapid growth. Its leaves look like beans, but the striking thing about this plant is the bright color of its stem.

The stems go from bright red to purple. It blooms throughout the year and its flowers are yellow, similar to daisies.

Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace'
Othonna capensis ‘Ruby Necklace’


Dischidia nummularia

Dischidias are succulent plants that are easy to grow. Most varieties fall cascading, which makes them an excellent choice for hanging baskets. The flowers are white to yellowish white.

Dischidia nummularia (String of Nickels)
Dischidia nummularia (String of Nickels)

Senecio Radicans ( Banana 
chain or Banana necklace )


This succulent plant is interesting for the ease of cultivation and for its unique slightly translucent foliage. Form loose and thin stems, from which hang the very thick and succulent blue-green leaves, these are elongated and globular like tiny plane trees. 

 It is excellent as a cover plant, or for gardens and hanging pots. It evolves well indoors if it is offered intense light, or placed near a window. 

 Blooms at the beginning of spring, but may surprise with blooms at other times of the year, especially in hot climates. 

 The small flowers are of little interest and maintain the same characteristics as the flowers of other species of the genus. Its appearance is similar to a kind of small white pompoms. 

Banana chain hanging plant

Hearts necklace ( linearis Ceropegia  subsp.  Woodii )

This last plant is not a succulent, but I will include it in the list of hanging succulents.

The necklace of hearts or chain of hearts is native to South Africa. This grateful plant thrives outdoors, indoors or in greenhouses.

Variegated leaves in the shape of a heart are produced in long vines that fall in a cascade. It looks very pretty in pendant lantern terrariums.

Ceropegia woodii also known as Chain of hearts plant
Ceropegia woodii also known as Chain of hearts plant

These were the best hanging succulents. Which was your favorite? 

Carnegiea gigantea also known as Saguaro

Ground cover with the succulent sedum