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What is a Crassulaceae?

Crassulaceae plants are a type of herbaceous and shrubby plants whose characteristic is the storage of water in their leaves and stems.

This arises from its origin, generally from dry and arid areas where rainfall is scarce.

Types of crassulaceae

Advantages of having a crassulaceae

The Crassulaceae are a family of plants widely spread in the world of gardening due to the ease of cultivation.

They are plants that can be kept indoors in sunny areas, such as outdoors.

If the temperatures are very low, in some varieties, the leaves may freeze.

Therefore they are a suitable plant to decorate balconies or terraces for people who do not have time to take care of other more laborious plants.

In the same way, due to the ease of cultivation, it allows the amateurs to be careful in their care.

You will obtain very nice, healthy and well-cared copies, as well as having a beautiful collection.

Vertical gardens with Crasas

The vertical gardens are cultivated walls, so that we can have our own garden in the city and in a part of the construction, which does not seem the most suitable for it.

They are therefore assemblies on walls, walls, etc., covered by plants of very varied species, that allow to cover of natural green, the exterior and interior of buildings.

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How to make combinations with crasas

Something that we must emphasize of them is the great variety that exists, therefore it allows us to make original combinations with them.

For these combinations we can use echeverias , sedums , crasulas …

Due to its ease of reproduction, we can make these combinations very quickly and easily with only sheets.

Cutting leaves and planting them in a pot we have chosen, in the desired order, the new seedlings will grow.



Make a bonsai with crasas

The reality of this subject is that under the exact guidelines of the Bonsai cannot be considered as such, since it has no trunk that lignifies.

Although they have the appearance of trunks , the trunks are full of water, when we wire them we can split them or mark them if we use force.

But on the other hand, they can have the appearance of a tree working on it.

As they are easy-care plants and what to say, less complex than a bonsai, they can be a solution for those who love succulent flats or a new challenge.


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