How to make a kokedema succulent


I love kokedamas !! But I did not dare to do it or buy it, I do not know if it happens to you but at first sight it is a bit strange, but after you have it in your hands, wow, you realize how much you had lost.

For those who do not know, kokedamas are a Japanese technique that involves planting a plant in a ball of moss. It is similar to bonsai, but its cultivation is much easier.

In Venezuela, as in other countries, the sale of moss is prohibited, but it can also be done with coconut fiber.

Before explaining the procedure I will explain with care:

-The best thing about kokedamas is that they warn us when they should be watered, since when the land is dry it feels very light.

-To water them, just submerge the ball in water, at the beginning there will be a lot of bubbles, when you do not see any more you will have to take it out, squeeze it a little and leave it in a place where it drips.

-The kokedamas are perfect to have inside our homes or offices, but remember to take it a couple of times so that they get a little sun.

Now, let’s start.


Materials for kokedamas

– Plant

– Black earth

– Dry moss or coconut fiber

– Scissors

– Cotton thread

– Gardening gloves

– Water

  1. First join the earth with a little water and go forming a small ball.Ball of earth for the kokedamas
  1. Then, open a small hole with your finger and bury the plant.Succulent stick into the ball of earth for the kokedamas
  1. Take the moss or coconut fiber and wrap the dirt ball.moss or coconut fiber and wrap the dirt ball
  1. Now all that remains is to roll the whole ball with the thread, I exaggerated this step a bit, but I really love how it looks.When you reach this step you will realize what you want.

kokedamas with succulent

Ready, it’s that easy.You can put it on a plate, you can put it in a hanging basket , everything is valid!

If you have any doubts regarding the procedure,and the care, or if you made a kokedamas and want to tell me how I did yours , do not hesitate to let me know in your comments.



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