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How to measure soil moisture of your succulent plants ( in the pot )

Proper moisture is essential for the successful growth of your succulent grown in pots. Watering instructions often indicate that you must water when the soil is dry to one or two inches deep . What are you doing then?

You probably use touch. But this method is not very effective when the ground is cold. In addition, after testing the soil in several plants we lose a little the ability to distinguish the humidity. Has it happened to you? …

Another problem is that moisture can accumulate in the bottom of the pot . Today I share a direct method and several indirect to measure the moisture of the substrate.


How to measure soil moisture in a homemade way

If you are a home gardener any of these methods will give you results.

As a general rule, a potted plant that measures 6 inches in diameter needs water when the top 2 inches of soil feels dry to the touch. A pot that measures 8 to 10 inches in diameter should be watered when the top of ½ to 1 inch of soil feels dry.

Humidity requirements depend on the plants. To facilitate the article, I will use the water requirements of a Jade plant , which requires little irrigation.

Electronic moisture meter

These are low cost devices available in most stores and nurseries. There are analog or digital meters.


How to use a humidity meter?

Push the probe to the bottom of the pot. Water your plant when the meter marks a little over “dry”.

 Chinese stick

It had not occurred to you? …

You can use a Chinese chop stick to measure soil moisture. The important thing is that the Chinese chop stick you use is made of wood.

How to use a Chinese toothpick to measure soil moisture?

Push the stick as far as you can, remove it after a minute. If the toothpick does not have dirt attached, you can water your succulent.

Weight of the flowerpot

A dry flowerpot weighs less than a wet one. If you see the soil dry and the pot is also light, you can water your plant.


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