Vertical gardens

The idea of ??Vertical Gardens is a very intelligent solution.

From the point of view of the need to bring to our cities, more green areas and the feeling of being surrounded by nature and the benefits that this entails.


What are vertical gardens?

Vertical gardens are cultivated walls, so that we can have our own garden in the city and in a part of the construction, which does not seem the most suitable for it.

Where it seems that there is no place for gardens or green areas, that’s precisely where the concept of “vertical gardens” is applied.

They are also called green walls or walls of culture.


Covered by plants of very varied species, which allow to cover natural green, the exterior and interior of buildings.

Plates or sheets of fibrous and porous materials are used, to the effect, to place panels or plant saplings, vertically.


What should be taken into account in the vertical garden? Care

We will have to choose the plants that best adapt to the climate depending on the geographical situation of the wall or wall in question.

They should be light, of small size.

In addition they should not need large nutrient inputs from deep and copious substrates.


Soils for vertical gardens are usually perlite substrate, instead of soil.

We must, in addition to having a drainage system of the vertical gardens and sufficient lighting.

Irrigation systems, in addition to having a good drainage system, must be able to collect, recycle and recirculate water.

This will result in a reduction of the presence of fungi in our vertical garden.

Vertical gardens tend to be well received, hydroponic or semi-hydroponic systems.

These systems do not have moisture problems and have contained costs.

A plant that collects all these congratulations, are the ferns.

(Video on the assembly of a vertical framed garden, to understand and know a little how is the process, see which plants are used … is short)


Benefits of the Vertical Gardens.

They present health benefits and these are:

  • The vertical gardens, generate per m2 of vertical garden, the equivalent to the oxygen needed for one person per year
  • The m2 of the vertical gardens, is able to collect a few grams of dust per year
  • A vertical garden of approximately 60 m2, would be able to filter up to 40 tons of harmful gases from the environment
  • Likewise, for that given surface of m2, up to 15 kg of heavy metals could be trapped in the environment
  • Improve the feeling of healthiness, healthier air and also reduce the feeling of overwhelm of the city
  • It gets to reduce vertical Gardens, up to 10 decibels of noise pollution


There are also other direct benefits of Vertical Gardens, which apply us more immediately, with respect to the horizontal garden;

Advantages in front of the horizontal gardens:

  • The Vertical Gardens suppose a saving of space, since it arises a green zone, the walls or vertical walls, unused for such purpose
  • It supposes a saving of time of maintenance of the gardens
  • Also an economic saving, by reduction of the energetic cost in heating and refrigeration, because they can reduce the interior temperature by 5ºC and keep it in the summer.
  • It is estimated a saving of about $400 / m2 a year, with vertical gardens
  • They save water, since the consumption of these plants is very reduced and optimized with recirculation of irrigation water
  • It saves on maintenance of the garden itself, no insects, bacteria or fungi proliferate


Other benefits:

  • The vertical gardens allow the use of large parts of buildings, which had no use
  • The vertical gardens contribute greatly, to the reduction of the heat island effect of the cities .
  • They can revalue the building, offering something more and more healthy, improving its aesthetics
  • Facilitate the integration of the building, with its improvement as a green landscape
  • Hidden to the eye and improve its image, before facades or walls damaged or blackened by the action of the elements.
  • Vertical Gardens creates and separates areas with vegetation
  • It exerts the anti vandalism and anti graffitismo function, being the Vertical Gardens, dissuasive for the “green” effect

How to make Vertical Gardens yourself?

This video is about how to make live paintings, using succulents.

Euphorbia lactea

Euphorbia lactea

Plant ground covers