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10 Examples of Gas-Liquid Mixtures

Mixtures  is known the combinations of two substances that when coming into contact, do not proceed to form a reaction but on the contrary to dissolve, forming a single substance. On the contrary, the mixture is composed of a major substance, called solvent, and a minor substance that generates the combination called solute.

At the moment when the solute dissolves, it becomes part of a solution, and acquires some of its own characteristics. The amount of solute and that of solvent are in variable proportions, and the final volume of the solution is different from the sum of the volumes, by the very effect of dissolution . On the other hand, the introduction of a solute increases the boiling point and decreases the freezing point to the solvent. Regarding the states of matter , solutions exist in all senses

, that is to say that existing three states in which any substance can be found, there may be nine kinds of solutions. It is clear, however, that there will be some that will appear more frequently than others, such as liquid combinations.


As regards the combinations of a substance in the liquid state and another in the gaseous state , they may appear with the gas as a solute and as a solvent:

  1. Gas mixture : The gas can appear as a solvent when the liquid acts as a solute, meaning that the gas appears in greater proportion. This occurs on rare occasions, but in any case the fundamental case of water vapor appears in the air, where the liquid particles go on to compose a gas. Although there are environments that are specially equipped with this vapor, moisture in the air is something that is always present to a greater or lesser extent, so the combination can be seen at any time and place.
  2. Liquid mixture : At other times, gas is the substance that occupies a smaller proportion of the mixture , leaving the largest place for the liquid. All beverages that have gas are a very clear example, because there is a effervescence given by the carbon dioxide in the liquid. It is the pressure of the environment combined with carbon dioxide that gives the drink its status as a soda.

Examples of Mixtures of liquids and gases

Between the two cases, the following list gathers some examples of mixtures in which a liquid element and a gaseous one are presented.

  1. The soft drinks. Example Coca Cola
  2. The dew, liquid particles in a gaseous medium.
  3. A bottle of beer.
  4. The foam of a shampoo.
  5. A cloud.
  6. A beaten egg white (liquid with air dissolved in its structure)
  7. Foaming drinks.
  8. The oxygen of the sea.
  9. The water vapor present in the air.
  10. The oxygen in water


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10 Examples of Gas-Solid Mixtures