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What are the Chinese balls? How to choose the best Chinese balls? How long should they be worn? Should they be used during pregnancy ? And during menstruation ? And in case of suffering a prolapse ?… From In Firm Ground we will try to solve all your doubts about the use and effectiveness of the Chinese balls.

Chinese balls are not devices that provide pleasure directly

The first thing I want to say is that Chinese balls are not a tool that provides pleasure, at least, not direct sexual pleasure.

Do not think that you are a rare woman if you put on some Chinese balls and do not shiver with pleasure as in the movies.

Despite the fact that since the publication of the famous book 50 Shades of Gray, the sales of Chinese balls have skyrocketed spectacularly in the countries where it has been a bestseller, for now, I don’t know any woman who wearing Chinese balls or a tampon sits any pleasure No, Mr. Gray, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

If you who are reading me feel pleasure or excitement when you wear Chinese balls, please share your testimony with us leaving us a comment and, above all, congratulations! You are privileged.

Why don’t Chinese balls produce excitement when they are placed?

As simple as because the vagina lacks nerve endings, except in its outermost part, which, if placed, is very exceptional to produce pleasure.

I do not deny that you can put imagination (the most powerful aphrodisiac, by the way) and fantasy to the matter and that there is excitement and one thing leads to another , but, sexual pleasure does not provide wearing Chinese balls as it does not carry a tampon.

The second thing I want to highlight is that, although the sex toy business has found a reef exploiting the “therapeutic” side of the Chinese balls and some want to sell them as the panacea and the solution to all pelvic floor problems, the truth be said, neither this nor any is a unique and valid solution for everyone.

Chinese balls are NOT the solution to all pelvic floor problems.

In cases of hypertonia (excess tension) of pelvic floor, the use of Chinese balls is generally contraindicated, and women with vaginismus could not even get them.In fact, for those women with hypotonia (very weak pelvic floor) it can be quite frustrating, and even delve into a postpartum depression, to verify that they are not able to keep a single ball for even a minute.

Every woman is a world, every pelvic floor problem is unique and can have different causes and circumstances that require unique and different treatments, so we always advise you to go to a specialist and trust him to find a successful diagnosis and your personalized treatment


Having said that, let’s see what the operation of the Chinese balls consists of and why they are effective in strengthening the pelvic floor.

What are the Chinese balls

The so-called Chinese balls, geisha balls or Ben Wa, which, despite their name, do not really originate in China, but in Japan, although there is no reliable evidence, they are a mechanism normally formed by one or two balls, joined by a cord, in whose interior is another smaller ball that hits the walls of the ball that contains it when, when worn, the woman walks or is simply in motion.

The Chinese balls are hollow and contain in their interior another smaller ball, like a rattle.

Balls made of glass, jade or other solid materials, are not Chinese balls, but vaginal weights.

There are women who perfectly notice how the ball vibrates inside the sphere that contains it when they move wearing them.

Other women, due to the weakness of their pelvic floor muscles or because the balls are placed in the middle or upper third of the vagina, which lacks sensitivity, do not notice the vibration of the inner ball of the Chinese balls, but this It is very frequent and does not mean that they are not being effective .

How the Chinese balls work

The vibration produced by the collision of the inner ball of the Chinese balls against the walls of the vagina causes an involuntary and continuous contraction of the surrounding muscles, increasing blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone.

It is not more effective to use two or more Chinese balls at the same time, it can even be annoying in women with the lower cervix.

The effectiveness of Chinese balls to improve muscle tone is therefore based, as we have just explained, on two concepts:

  • A small ball inside that hits the walls of the vagina when we use them, which you may feel or not.
  • The movement , which we need to do, for that ball to move and crash against the walls.

For the use of Chinese balls to be effective it is essential to move (walk, walk, etc.) when wearing them, so that the ball inside moves and collides with the walls of the vagina causing involuntary contraction .

It’s no use putting on some Chinese balls and lying on the couch or sitting at work in front of the computer.

Difference between Chinese balls and weights or vaginal cones

This is a bit of a technical issue and I need help from my expert  on the subject Laura Rojas , hehe, but in summary and to understand

Chinese balls work the tone of the pelvic floor muscles

The muscle tone would be the slight involuntary and unconscious tension that a muscle has while at rest, while the strength would be that muscle’s ability to overcome a certain resistance by contracting voluntarily and consciously.

Thus, for example and in a more graphic way, the neck has enough tension to keep the head upright without us being aware of it while a biceps must voluntarily exert enough force to lift a weight of a certain size.

A person can be very strong and not very toned or on the contrary.

Well, the same goes for the pelvic floor muscles. I can have a lot of strength in those muscles when I contract them voluntarily, but when they are required by the body to perform an unconscious and involuntary function they may not have the right tone to perform that function correctly.

Dumbbells or vaginal cones work the strength of the pelvic floor muscles

To understand this difference, I didn’t need Laura’s help anymore because that was exactly what happened to me after two deliveries.

I had to train the tonicity of my pelvic floor muscles because, although when I voluntarily contracted them I had a lot of strength in them, when I needed them to act involuntarily and reflex they did not do so due to lack of tonicity.

Thus, when I sneezed, coughed or ran my pelvic floor muscles did not have enough tonicity to unconsciously retain urine in the bladder and prevent it from leaking. In other words, I had stress incontinence.

When I do Kegel exercises I am consciously and voluntarily contracting my pelvic floor muscles, therefore, I am training the strength of those muscles .

The same happens when I use cones or vaginal weights, I voluntarily and consciously contract my pelvic floor muscles to prevent them from getting out.

However, when I wear some Chinese balls what is being trained is muscle tone because I am not performing any voluntary contraction.

The vibration of the ball that contains a Chinese ball inside is what is stimulating certain fibers of my muscles, increasing blood supply and thus improving tone .

How to strengthen the pelvic floor with Chinese balls

If in addition to wearing Chinese balls, I practice Kegel exercises or voluntary contractions of the pelvic floor I will be not only training the tone, but also the strength of this musculature.

I hope that with this little explanation we understand then what is the difference between the use of Chinese balls and the use of weights, solid balls that have no other ball inside or vaginal cones.


Benefits of Chinese balls

It seems proven that the continued use of Chinese balls by adult and healthy women greatly helps:

  • Improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Increase blood supply.
  • Improve the natural lubrication of the vagina.

In this way, with its continued use over time, we will achieve a considerable improvement in the quality of sexual relations.

Speaking clearly: longer and more intense orgasms and recovery of sexual sensibility when, for example, we have lost it after a long or traumatic birth with forceps, episiotomy, etc.

Likewise, a toned and strengthened pelvic floor will help prevent urinary incontinence and in some cases reduce the risk of prolapse .

The best Chinese balls: how to choose the Chinese balls

The best Chinese balls are those that best suit your body and your specific needs .

As we have commented so far, in principle, any healthy adult woman with minimal strength on her pelvic floor could use some Chinese balls.

But what do I have to keep in mind to decide on some Chinese balls or others?

I, in particular, have based my decision on these characteristics: measurements, weight, number of balls in the pack and materials used in its manufacture.


Measures of the Chinese balls

They were two Chinese sex shop balls that would measure almost 40 mm and that seemed very large and very heavy to me. Then you realize that you can wear them without problem.The first thing that surprised me when I first saw some Chinese balls was their “huge” size.

The “normal” measure, the most common, is around 35 mm.  although we can find smaller models designed for women who have not given birth or who find these smaller ones more comfortable.

In any case, the important thing is that the Chinese balls remain in place, do not leave the vagina, so that its vibration is transmitted to the walls of the vagina .

Therefore, it is logical to think that it is better to start with a larger size and a smaller weight.

Chinese balls weight

In spite of what one might think a priori, it is better to start with some low-weight Chinese balls that we can maintain without problems inside the vagina and that allow us to continue with the therapy.

Using too heavy Chinese balls that come off easily will only get frustrated and leave the training.

In addition, as we have seen, its effectiveness is not based on weight.

Number of Chinese balls

As I insist from the beginning, the effectiveness of the Chinese balls is not to be placed the more better, but to be able to keep within the vagina at least one so that its vibration involuntarily contracts the surrounding muscles .

Once you have achieved the necessary muscle tone to carry placed, without voluntarily contracting, a Chinese ball, you can move to a smaller one, more weight or join two balls and carry them at the same time.

It is interesting that the manufacturer offers several balls of different weights in the pack since in this way you can start with one and then combine several and adapt the size and weight used to the improvement and greater retention capacity that your muscles will progressively experience of the pelvic floor.

In the market there is a great variety of brands that offer several balls in the same pack with different sizes and / or weights from 28 g. up to 100 g or more .

Chinese ball materials

Being for such an intimate use what less to worry a little about what materials are being used in the manufacture of your Chinese balls.

The silicone or ABS / medical grade PC , especially used for its hypoallergenic, are gaining ground as they pose a guarantee of hygiene and that they will not cause irritation or skin disorders.

Try to avoid porous materials, plastic is, which can contain bacteria.

Pay attention to the non-thread cord material, for the same reason.

On the other hand, it is very important to be informed of the presence of phthalates (DEHP free) or any other toxic or irritating component among the manufacturing materials of our Chinese balls.


Indications of the Chinese balls

In general, as we mentioned earlier, any adult woman, healthy and with a minimum of strength in her pelvic floor muscles could use some Chinese balls.

Chinese balls in the prevention of pelvic floor dysfunctions

As a preventive therapy before the first symptoms of dysfunctions (incontinence, prolapse, etc.) appear in those healthy women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor because they are or are going to enter a risk group:

  • Before the planning of a pregnancy.
  • After one or several deliveries, especially if they have been long, multiple and complex traumatic. Of course, once the quarantine is over.
  • Women who are overweight or obese.
  • In menopause to prevent the appearance of prolapse.
  • Adult women of any age who usually practice hyperpressive or impact sports (aerobics, running, tennis, etc.).
  • Singers
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Women who usually must carry weight.
  • Adjuvant treatment before and after genitourinary or pelvic surgery provided that the deadlines prescribed by our specialist are respected. Normally it should be expected about six weeks after pelvic surgery.

Chinese balls for incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunctions

As a therapy to improve the following symptoms and provided that a specialist has previously been consulted:

  • Stress urinary incontinence.
  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor after delivery, once the quarantine has been exceeded.
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunctions (lack of sensitivity, decreased intensity of orgasm) caused by weakness of the pelvic floor muscles .


Chinese balls during pregnancy

In general, no manufacturer we know recommends the use of Chinese balls during pregnancy .

Although you should know that if your pregnancy is not considered risky you can consult your gynecologist about the suitability of using them and, most likely, he will then insist that you pay special attention to strict compliance with the hygiene and maintenance rules of your Chinese balls .

Chinese balls in the postpartum

During the quarantine and in the first weeks of postpartum recovery, the use of Chinese balls should be avoided .

We must wait until our gynecologist gives us a free way to start using these devices.

Once the quarantine is over, if you notice that you have been left with an excessive vaginal opening, very frequent after delivery, or a great weakness of the pelvic floor, it is best that you go to a specialist to assess you and prescribe the best treatment for your case .

As we said before, Chinese balls are not the solution for everything, so sometimes trying to strengthen the pelvic floor after birth with Chinese balls can cause more frustration than anything else by checking that they can not be retained inside the vagina.

In these cases, the use of vibrators  that improve the proprioception of the pelvic floor is much more effective and, if we manage to reach orgasm, as we said in this other article in our blog, we will be performing one of the best exercises on the floor pelvic: orgasm .

Chinese balls during menstruation

During menstruation, together with absorbent tampons, Chinese balls should not be used .

Honestly, girls, does anyone feel like putting on some Chinese balls and getting to do Kegel exercises while on the rule?

Chinese balls in case of prolapse

In case you suspect you have a prolapse or have already been diagnosed, as a general rule, the use of Chinese balls is not recommended .

But, as each woman and her circumstances are different and in addition there are different types and degrees of prolapse, the best thing (sorry that we are so heavy !!) is to go to a pelvic floor specialist  to that values ??you and prescribes the best treatment for your case.

Normally, the treatment of a prolapse involves many aspects more than just strengthening the muscles of a specific area: it involves improving posture, compensating for possible imbalances in the core, avoiding or reducing harmful or risky practices, etc. etc.

As we mentioned for cases of excessive vaginal opening, it is often more effective to use vibrators  that do not have to be retained inside the vagina and also, if we reach orgasm, we will be performing one of the best pelvic floor exercises: orgasm .

Contraindications of Chinese balls

As we said at the beginning of this post, if there is something you should remember is that Chinese balls do not work for everything or for all women.

Chinese balls are not beneficial for everyone and there are even cases in which they can be harmful, such as in cases of pelvic floor hypertonia, penetration pain or vaginismus.

Ideally, always consult a specialist before use and, in general, should be avoided if you find yourself in any of the following circumstances:

  • If you feel discomfort and pain when wearing them.
  • If you suffer from a vaginal and / or urinary tract infection.
  • In sexual intercourse during penetration.
  • As a general rule, in the six weeks following genitourinary or pelvic surgery.

Placing the Chinese balls

You can start using a larger ball of little weight and continue with another ball of equal size but more weight, then two balls, other smaller and heavier, etc., until the possibilities offered by the pack you bought are exhausted.

The Chinese ball should be inserted approximately at the site where a tampon would be placed, ensuring that the cord protrudes slightly from the vagina to facilitate its removal.

The use of some water-based lubricant, never silicone based , is recommended to make insertion more comfortable.

To facilitate insertion you can also use the  Intimina moisturizing gel  that is not exactly a lubricant, but a moisturizer that prevents them from becoming too slippery and not staying in place.

Once placed, it is essential to stand up and start walking and moving .

Gravity and your muscles will do all the work.

How long are Chinese balls used?

Normally, it usually starts for 10-15 minutes a day , if you can manage to keep them in place, to gradually increase until you reach two or three hours a day.

More is not necessary and also may not be as beneficial.

Think that an excess of tone, hypertonia, is not good and yes, you can get stiffness!

If you are not able to keep them in place, you can put them back as many times as necessary or even use them lying down and try to contract the pelvic floor muscles to prevent them from coming out while pulling the extraction cord as a way to start exercising your floor pelvic.

Ideally, in cases of so much muscle weakness that it is impossible for you to keep a single ball in place, you should start with a Kegel exercise routine .

Then, once you have become aware of the pelvic floor muscles and know how to locate and contract them independently , you can consider continuing with the use of Chinese balls as your muscles gradually acquire more strength and tone.

How Chinese balls are used

As I tried to explain in the first part of this post, the benefits of using Chinese balls are achieved “only” by wearing them or, in the case of the less fortunate, “trying” to keep them in place.

Its mechanism, based on the vibration or shock of the small ball they contain inside it against the walls of the vagina, causes them and the surrounding muscles to increase their tonicity, lubrication and blood supply. With which, only by placing and maintaining them while we are moving we will already be increasing the tone of our pelvic floor.

If in addition to wearing them, we perform a Kegel exercise routine, such as the one illustrated in the photograph, we will be not only increasing the tone, but also the strength of our pelvic floor muscles:

  1. Contract and raise
  2. Hold the contraction
  3. Release the contraction
  4. Rest and relax

Effect of Chinese balls: When will I start to notice results?

In general, the pelvic floor muscles are quite grateful and as soon as we start working them with some continuity their benefits come very quickly.

Whenever you are constant in your routine of carrying your Chinese balls about 15-30 minutes daily, you should start to notice its benefits in less than a month .

Cleaning and maintenance of Chinese balls

Keep in mind that we will use the Chinese balls in our vagina, which is why it is essential to maintain strict hygiene before and after each use.

Normally, for the cleaning of the devices of intimate use like the Chinese balls it is enough with a little warm water and neutral soap before and after its use.


Try to avoid using substances with alcohol, acetone or gasoline to clean the Chinese balls as they could alter their composition .

In any case, read carefully the recommendations that each manufacturer makes regarding their products.

Manufacturers usually recommend that we keep them in a cloth bag that keeps them away from dust and dirt.

With this, I think I have reviewed almost all the key points of the use and enjoyment of Chinese balls, but, as always, all comments, experiences, doubts, questions, etc. are welcome. that you want to share with us and that we will try to solve our best.

Also, we remind you that all the information we offer has a mere informative nature and in no case and under no circumstances is it intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional about the unique and particular physical condition of a particular person


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