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Advantages and disadvantages of group work


Many of the job offers are required to know how to work in a team or have done it before. The importance lies in the fact that, in this way, we work towards the achievement of common objectives, in addition to improving communication between colleagues. In fact, an excess of individualism makes it difficult to establish a network of commitment that allows the proper functioning of the company. However, not all people get their greatest potential working as a team, in addition to having its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of working in a group or team

1. Increase productivity and communication in the company

Working towards a common goal implies a fluid and constant communication with which to share ideas and opinions, as well as to solve problems or conflicts. In addition, it is inevitable that positive energy is spread and that motivation grows, because collaboration with other people brings well-being and the satisfaction of working towards the same destination. All this inevitably implies an improvement in performance and, therefore, an increase in productivity.

2. Tasks and workload are shared

An excessive workload can make us fall into a stress  that will not allow us to do our job well. Having the feeling of not reaching everything, or taking care of tasks that we are not so good at, does not allow us to focus on the objective. However, sharing the concerns, dividing the work and achieving the objectives one after the other allows us to work more lightly , break down the tasks and focus on the activity to be carried out.

3. Improve the individual capabilities of the members

Good coordination with the rest of the team that takes into account the strengths of each member allows each person to contribute their best. In this way, a good team works together for a goal and nurturing the best of each member. In addition, it enables mutual learning and shared motivation.

4. Higher results

When the team is cohesive and committed, it is a perfect machine in terms of productivity and efficiency. Eye, we do not mean by this that no mistakes are made.

The task is divided into different parts assuming each member one. By having each person clear what their function is, you can focus on it completely. Also, as there is confidence in the capacity of the other members, nobody has to be supervising anyone.

5. Increased motivation

A united team is a motivated team. If any member of the group is wrong or has to face a problem, the group is there to help you and encourage you to move on .Do not forget that motivation is closely linked to productivity. Groups are more likely to accept challenges and strive to improve results.

6.More solutions, points of view and ideas

Group work encourages the creativity of each member . Four eyes see more than two and two heads offer more ideas than one.

In addition, if the team has been created correctly, each member must have a different role . This favors that a problem can be approached from many points of view, which helps to find better solutions.

7. It facilitates the organization

Good teamwork allows you to better organize schedules, tasks and interpersonal communication . All this is key to an organized work, better done in less time.

8. It is more rewarding

It is often said that people are social animals and it is true. We need to share our experiences and successes with others.

But if you also do it with a person who perfectly understands what it has cost you and who has also lived and collaborated in the process , it is still better.

The disadvantages of working in a group or team

However, working as a team is not all advantages, because those positive characteristics of sharing tasks and objectives with other people can become negative:

1. Not all people are able to work in a team

A team works well when all its members do it in common, valuing each opinion and with no intention of always being right. However, there are people whose (bad) leadership or self-centeredness does not allow them to listen to others or stop imposing their criteria. In these cases, when someone is not able to work in a team, the conflict is served and then it is difficult for the group to produce and work well.

2. Lack of organization and discussions

The distribution of tasks according to the aptitudes of the members of the group can promote a good work flow, but what if some work more than others ?, and if the division is not equitable ?, and if one always remains with the less heavy task? This can lead to discussions or, worse, a lack of communication. Then, working in a team will not be light or based on an equitable distribution of the load.

3. Individuality is lost

The other side of the coin in terms of the development of personal skills is that this unique individuality and essence can be lost. Especially if you work with leaders who do not allow creative and personal freedom, you can fall into a loss of personality compared to what the group establishes.

4.Waste of time in making decisions

The only way for a team to function well is if the objectives and decisions are group. If they were taken by a leader or just a group faction, motivation and involvement would be lost.

But of course, that a group of several people can reach an agreement can sometimes be very complicated . And that implies time.

5. Tyrant leaders

It is common for someone on the team to stand out in some field. Although we must not forget that each person plays a differentiated role.

To this member, the group recognizes their worth and respects their opinions. Situation that sometimes results in that person trying to monopolize the power of decision.

Thus we lose the great value of being able to see a topic from different points of view.

6. Groups within the group

Team cohesion is essential if we want involvement by all members. However, it is common for members to initially feel a greater affinity for some people than others. This is not a problem if relations with other members continue to grow. However, if the process stagnates, the groups may end up facing each other. What entails stop making decisions for rationality to do it for affinity.

7.The low performance is covered

In some cases, there are members who contribute or become more involved than others. Team loyalty can make the member hide and protect himself.

8. Difficult and takes time

In short, this would be the big disadvantage. Creating work teams is complicated, it takes time and sometimes the results are not as expected.

9. Toxic contributors Even if the operation of the group is good, another handicap that the work team can find is that one of its members is a toxic collaborator . For your attitude to impede the performance of colleagues, the team leader will have to be alert to the signals and take measures to redirect the worker’s behavior.

Conclusions about group work

Although we all believe we know how to work in a group, reality shows that this is not the case.

Working with other people means that members must know how to adapt and always seek the common good . And for this to be possible, each member must accept their role in the group and must be able to yield.

And we are all able to do it?

Experience has shown no.

That does not mean that these people are better or worse or that they are not valid to carry out their work. The only thing to be clear about is that they are more efficient working individually.

Teamwork offers excellent results, but its benefits pass because all members understand and accept the effort involved.

When creating the group, not only the roles of each one must be explained, but also concepts such as commitment, involvement or team spirit . Only if you work from that base can the team achieve success.


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