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Examples hydrohalic acids

 Hydrohalic acids are binary compounds formed by hydrogen ( H ) and a non-metallic element ( X ), may be a (allogenic or chalcogen.

The hydrohalic acids belong to the group of Inorganic Acid .

Hydrogen Acid Nomenclature:

Only the Classical Nomenclature is used to name these acids:

  • The acid (HX) is written and then indicated to be in aqueous solution (aq) or (ac).
  • HF (aq) (Hydrofluoric acid)
  • HBr (aq) (Hydrobromic acid)
  • HI (aq) (Hydrochloric acid)
  • HCl (aq) (Hydrochloric acid)
  • 2 S (aq) (Hydrogen sulfide)
  • 2 Se (aq) (selenhydric acid)
  • 2 Te (aq) (Hydrogen telluride ACID)
  • Hydrocyanic acid ( HCN ) produces the cyanide anion ( CN  )
Exception : Hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid) is usually represented as HF. However, the structure really is H 2 F 2 , this happens because the molecule is simplified.

Reactions hydrohalic acids: The hydrohalic acids react with metals to form salts Binary:


  • HCl + Mg ? MgCl + 1/2 H 2
  • HCl + Na ? NaCl + 1/2 H 2

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