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CBD For Tolerance: Signs You May Have A Tolerance To CBD

The legalization of CBD oil continues to advance in different countries, and more people are joining this trend and considering it as a fantastic addition to their inventory. CBD is recognized as a wonder drug because it has shown potency in alleviating various illnesses and chronic pain, such as treating epilepsy, relieving depression, anxiety, and pain, boosting your overall health, and more promising benefits.  


With that, CBD tolerance is discussed often, with the knowledge that CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol come from the same plant. Although CBD has several characteristics as THC, they don’t have the same potential for tolerance. CBD doesn’t have the same tolerance buildup as THC. In fact, it has the opposite effect, known as reverse tolerance.  


If you’re taking CBD products to treat your condition and you’re not experiencing its efficacy unlike others, there’s a possibility that you have a tolerance to CBD, and here are the signs: 


Tolerance: An In-Depth Look 


Developing tolerance is not a new concept; you’ve probably experienced it in your daily life. If you consume more than two cups of coffee per day, think of the time you began. Drinking one cup of coffee can increase your energy and make you more focused on what you are doing; however, it feels less efficient and is not enough to keep you proceeding over time.  


Of course, you want to receive the same benefit you had when you were drinking only a cup; thus, you will replace it with more than two cups. It happens because your body built a tolerance to caffeine as time passes.  

Drug tolerance is a decreased reaction to a substance after using it regularly. It is a common reaction to any drugs, both prescription or illicit. When you start to observe that the substance was less active, your automatic response is to take more to achieve your desired benefits.  


Tolerance occurs in one of the three methods: behavioral, cellular, and metabolic tolerance. 



  • Behavioral Tolerance. This occurs when someone is used to a drug-induced deterioration with frequent use. Behavioral tolerance is observed with the use or a particular psychoactive medication. 
  • Cellular Tolerance. Cellular tolerance appears when receptors are desensitized through continuous interaction or if there’s a decrease in receptor density. 
  • Metabolic Tolerance. It influences the process of metabolizing a drug, resulting in a lesser amount of substance reaching the place where it should affect. Pharmacokinetic tolerance is usually manifest with oral ingestion.  


Check over here to understand more about building a tolerance to CBD. In the meantime, listed below are signs that you have CBD tolerance. 


You Feel Fewer Effects From Your Usual CBD Dosage


One of the usual indications that your body is building a CBD tolerance is that your typical dosage is not enough for you to achieve your desired benefits. Because you are taking CBD frequently, you are getting used to it, and the cannabinoids lessen its efficiency as time passes, especially when you are using it to manage pain. These effects are usually in cases of seizures and epilepsy.  


If you are taking a particular amount of dose a day for treating your pain, relieving anxiety, or any other current condition, there’s a possibility that you will experience a reduction in its performance even though you are continuously using it. That’s because your body is building tolerance. 


You Are Increasing Your Consumption 


Another way to know CBD tolerance is that your usual intake of CBD is not working for your needs or lifestyle, and you are noticing yourself raising your consumption every day. You may not notice this continuous increase in use, and the adjustments will take weeks, months, or years for you to see the results. 


This sign is correlated to the first mentioned. Because your dosage is not adequate to give you the expected outcome, you will increase the amount of CBD you will ingest. You are thinking that the way to achieve the effects is by boosting your input. So, if you are doing this, you might be experiencing indications of CBD tolerance. 


You Want To Explore Other CBD Products 


Since the product and the amount of CBD you are consuming fails to provide you the benefits you are expecting, you might search for other products to find one that will meet what you need. If you prefer CBD capsules and you are interested in trying out other CBD delivery methods such as tinctures, topicals, or edibles, you might be having a tolerance to cannabinoids.  


You might also be interested in other CBD products’ brands to ensure that you have a high-quality one that will be advantageous to you. As CBD is getting popular, more products are popping everywhere, from online corporations to over-the-counter stores. Some scammers take advantage of its popularity by selling low-quality CBD products. Before investing, use these tips to ensure that the product lives up to its guarantees. 



  • Read consumers’ feedback. Do your research and check if there’s a provided evaluation of the brand’s efficacy, transfer time, and customer assistance. 
  • Choose from reputable brands. Famous brands have established a reliable reputation, so you don’t have to worry about its performance and figuring out if the product is trustworthy. Read lists of CBD brands and decide which of the trusted companies you will purchase. 
  • Ask for proof of a third-party lab test. Lab testing is essential as it can expose precisely how much CBD is used in the products. 





If you believe you are building CBD tolerance with the signs discussed, look for ways to reset your system. Prevent yourself from taking CBD products for 48 hours to flush the substance out of your body and have a refreshing start. But if you are using it to treat severe conditions, ensure that you seek medical practitioners’ advice before cutting down your usage. 



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