The Importance of Team Collaboration

Collaboration is pivotal to your company’s success. While occasional teamwork between teams or employees is beneficial, nothing beats having an organized system to encourage collaboration inside your company. This goes beyond company hierarchy, and streamlines communication for coordination among and between different departments, as we’ve pointed out in our guide to ‘Internal and External Communication in the Company’. In this post, we’ve listed down key reasons why team collaboration is important and the different ways you can improve it in the workplace.

Why is Team Collaboration Important?

It encourages creative solutions

As you bring together individuals with differing knowledge and skill sets, proper collaboration will optimize the process of finding solutions to work problems. It’s also good to bring together experienced employees and newly hired individuals, as this encourages them to share their expertise and ideas with each other. Through collaboration, your team will be able to come up with creative solutions that are focused on efficiency, teamwork, and maximum yield.

It boosts company morale

One of the best ways to build trust between your teams and departments is by making them collaborate. Doing so can also boost company morale, and in turn, improve employee satisfaction and retention. Trust and company morale go hand-in-hand in ensuring your company’s success, and as an effective leader, you should be able to make your people feel comfortable working alongside individuals from other departments. If you’re successful in keeping company morale high through collaboration, you may attract skillful candidates who are looking for engaging workplaces.

It improves team efficiency

Some people prefer working alone ?— and that’s understandable. There are less chances of getting distracted when you’re the only one working on a project, and you won’t have to run your decisions through teammates before moving forward to the next step. However, studies have shown that collaboration is simply more efficient. In fact, a Stanford study highlights how merely perceiving that you’re working on a task with other people can boost your performance. Furthermore, more heads are better than one, and when faced with challenging and demanding tasks, it’s easier to finish when you have people who are ready to assist you. With collaboration, a workplace becomes a more productive environment.

How to Enhance Team Collaboration

There are many ways to enhance team collaboration in the workplace. For starters, you should first have the necessary tools to make collaboration an easier task between your teams. Business communication platforms like Slack and Samepage allows your teams to communicate with ease. Content management tools can also be a godsend for workplace collaboration. One good example is the cloud content management system on Box that enables teams to share, store, organize, and access all sorts of files — from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, to video files and recordings. On a cloud platform, team members can work with these files wherever they are, whenever they need to. This allows for a more seamless workflow, while simultaneously keeping your business’ data and documents secure.

But, you can also encourage team collaboration outside of the digital sphere. In team meetings, try to liven it up with activities that encourage people from different departments to come together and collaborate for a common goal. One example would be a game of Trivia, where people are grouped together and try to figure out the correct answer to trivia questions. But outside of the office, another great way to exercise team collaboration and synergy is by doing an escape room activity. CIO notes that escape rooms are a fun way to encourage team communication and showcase their knowledge.

All in all, when people with diverse skill sets are brought together to solve a common problem, they have a higher chance to achieve success. So if you want your team and your organization to succeed, do your best to foster a highly collaborative work environment.

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