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    Succulents with soft leaves

    Succulents with soft leaves are an epidemic. Today I explain the causes and what you can do to save your succulents. I have seen many photos of sempervivum and echeverias with soft or bent leaves pointing downwards. This is due to four main reasons.     Reasons why your succulents have soft leaves The reasons are as follows: […] More

  • white powder on the succulent leaves

    What is the white powder on my succulents

    If you have seen white powder in the succulents, it may be epicuticular wax. What is epicuticular wax ? What is its effect on succulents? Today we answer these questions.   What is white powder in succulents (epicuticular wax) The epicuticular wax  is a white layer on the leaves, stems and fruits, of a wide […] More

  • a hanging succulent
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    A list of the best hanging succulents you need in your collection

    Hanging succulents are those that fall like waterfalls. We can use them in baskets, planters, balconies and even under trees. In this article I share information and photos of some of these plants.   The best hanging succulents When talking about cacti and succulents, maybe you think of plants from desert places with thorns. But, do you know […] More

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    How to measure soil moisture of your succulent plants ( in the pot )

    Proper moisture is essential for the successful growth of your succulent grown in pots. Watering instructions often indicate that you must water when the soil is dry to one or two inches deep . What are you doing then? You probably use touch. But this method is not very effective when the ground is cold. In addition, after testing the soil in several […] More

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    Cactus seedlings

      Cactus nurseries Introduction. The reproduction of the cactus , sexual reproduction or by seeds, is the most natural form of propagation, being also inexpensive, simple and accessible to all cactus enthusiasts.   The technique of sexual reproduction or by seed , is slower, but very grateful as we will see our new plants grow in quantity and in […] More

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    Toxic and dangerous succulent plants

    Many of the plants we grow have active ingredients that can be toxic to people or animals and should be known to avoid problems, especially by children and their tendency to take leaves, flowers or berries when they play. Some people prefer to avoid any plant in the garden that can be toxic, personally I have always preferred […] More

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    Is the Jade plant poisonous for dogs and cats ?

    The Jade plant is one of the succulents that is grown indoors. For that, it is worth wondering is it the poison jade plant? Is the plant jade poisonous? The Jade plant (Crassula ovata or Crassula argentea) is a succulent common good in many parts of the world. It is even easy to grow indoors . But, despite its beauty, the jade plant […] More

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    Plant ground covers

    Vegetative or ground covers; One of the main problems of cities, is the shortage or lack of green areas, which do not grow in unison with the growth of the city itself.   What are ground covers? The plant covers, are an extensive landscaping by covering free surfaces for it. Likewise , Vertical Gardens do the […] More

  • Mosquitoes on succulents

    How to eliminate pests in succulents and cactus

      Succulent plants and most cacti are hard to kill (compared to other types of plants), but that does not make them immortal. Even if you irrigate them properly and give them the right fertilizer and light, they can still develop pests, and those insignificant bugs! They are harmful invaders, from cottonwood pillbugs to red […] More

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    Diseases that affects succulents

      The three main pathogens. Fungi : these are the important ones in Cactus and in the other Crassas plants. Bacteria: ever occurs in Crasas. Viruses: in Crasas are very rare and difficult to determine by visual symptoms. There are many species of fungi that attack Succulents. The typical damage is rottenness, both in the stems, as in […] More