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  • Mammillaria carmenae with white flowers
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    Mammillaria carmenae – Carmen pincushion cactus

    The Mammillaria carmenae also known as Carmen pincushion cactus is one of the hundreds of representatives of cactus, of the Genus Mammillaria. We will see here the most characteristic of this cactus. Origin and habitat. This cactus has a habitat of very restricted origin. It is located between Ciudad Victoria and Tamaulipas in Mexico and part […] More

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    Genus Mammillaria

    The cactus and the succulents are a type of ornamental plants that every day continue to gain space in terms of preference for gardening lovers and want to have the most beautiful garden plants, that is why if you want to have a very beautiful Cactus In your garden you can choose to plant and grow a mammillaria since […] More

  • Mammillaria matudae with flowers
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    Mammillaria matudae (Thumb Cactus)

    The Mammillaria matudae, is a beautiful, ornamental cactus, very widespread throughout the world and flowering even more beautiful. Natural plant of Mexico, of arid and desert zones, where it is distributed by the state and near the border with the state of Michoacán and Guerrero. They do well in areas of Arizona, and California. It […] More