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  • Nopal, Tuna or Prickly Pears
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    Opuntia ficus indica Mill also known as prickly pear

    Opuntia ficus indica MillĀ  Synonyms: Many times it is called based on place of origin, tuna, nopal, nopalitos, in Spain they are called “chumbera” or “fig chumbero”, in France the one of “figue de indie”, in the United States it is called ” prickly pear or indian fig “, in Arabic means thorny, in Argentina […] More

  • Opuntia microdasys
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    Genus Opuntia

    The Genus Opuntia, is shrub or arboreal plants, large size. This genus has more than 300 species and all of them are from America, from the north of the United States (Utah and Nebrasca), to Patagonia. Its habitat, goes from sea level, to 3,000 meters of altitude. They enter Europe from the sixteenth century and […] More