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How to prevent poop skid marks on underwear of adults ?

We all know that skid marks on under wears mostly happens to children ,so as an adult you may feel you are alone experience such an embarrassing situation. The truth is quite a number of adults men and women have either encounter such a taboo incident or may in the future . I have read on forums where women constantly find poop stains on their husbands undies or women have found poop marks on their g-string .


What causes poop to be on your underwear ?

To really figure out the cause for this issue you need to go through this list below and use a method of elimination to see which may be the cause  .

  • You are not wiping properly or correctly
  • Your poop is soft and sticky
  • Your butt has a lot of hair
  • You sweat a lot
  • Underwears are too tight
  • You sit too long on your toilet
  • You have hemorrhoids
  • Fecal or Poop inconsistencies
  • You are not completely emptying your bowel


How can you really prevent skid marks ?

Preventing skid-marks depends on how you remedy some of the  above factors, which we will look at ;

  • One of the main reason adults would have feces on their undies is because they do not wipe properly but this is compounded by the fact that you have soft sticky poop . Solid feces usually exit our anus with little or no residue for us to wipe unlike soft sticky poop which cause us to wipe several times and we just cannot seem to get rid of the mess . To get rid of our soft poop we need to add more soluble and insoluble fiber to our diet . Fiber helps to increase the bacteria in your colon and add bulk to your stool which improves the quality of your poop. Men need an average of 31 to 38 grams of fiber daily and women 21 to 25 grams of fiber daily which we can get from fruits vegetables , oats ,whole  wheat  . If you cannot get this amount from your food you can add fiber supplements such as psyllium and methylcellulose.  

Making sure your poop is of right quality is not a one-shot remedy it should be an everyday regiment. I have read on quite a few forums people recommending baby wipe but it seems to have the same results as toilet paper when your poop is soft and sticky. I would recommend wiping and then washing your butt after you defecate . There are special shower heads you can use on your private parts they provide the right amount of force and are designed to accurately target these areas for washing .

  • Shave your butt hair they tend to trap poop as they exit your rectum leaving poop trace on your undies as you go about your daily activities here a great article on how to shave your butt hair and keep it fresh.
  • If you sweat a lot it will surely run down your back between your butt cheeks obviously result in skid marks .
  • Another way to solve this problem is to wear loose underwear . Men can wear boxers or boxer brief and women can avoid g-string or other tight underwear.
  • Do not take your mobile gadgets to the toilet this will increase your time spent on the toilet causing your poop to dry on your ass and then reactivates later as you start to sweat making it more difficult for you to get a clean wipe . Sitting very long on the toilet bowl also increases your chances of getting hemorrhoids.
  • External hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids can cause these marks . Feces usually gets stuck in the sphincter muscle and wiping does not work . The best option is to gently wash with warm water and soap from a special shower with soap also get rid of your hemorrhoids with an over the counter treatment or visit a doctor .

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  • Fecal inconsistencies this is the inability to control your bowel movement in most adults it is temporarily caused by Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas and bloating. While in other it can be a long term problem caused by a number of issues such as anxiety , nervousness, damage to their rectum , dementia, IBS and a list of other underlying diseases . If you are not sure if the cause you should see your doctor. For the persons aware of their problem the best solution is to wear sanitary napkins.
  • Wear dark color underwear to hide the stains.
  • Trying controlling your bowel to come in the morning so you can shower after using the toilet. This can be done by drinking a large glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning a cup of coffee can also do the job.
  • Constipation can prevent you from fully emptying your bowel thus leaving pieces of poop in your rectum. Which can slip out as you start to sweat and move around. Increase your water intake and also your fiber to avoid this problem.

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