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    Sharing economy: what it is and examples

    Creating businesses from home and using what we have (usually material goods) has become fashionable. In fact, televisions advertise multiple portals for buying and selling second-hand products so that, only with the use of the internet, without infrastructure, interested users can obtain benefits by giving a new destination to their belongings, which they had temporarily abandoned. This […] More

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    Tubers: what they are and examples

    The tubers are a very important part of the vegetable products that are consumed today, with such representative examples as the potato or the carrot. These are, in general, highly nutritious parts of plants, with high carbohydrate content and easy to grow, without excessive difficulties. If you want to learn more about tubers and see some […] More

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    20 Examples of Taboos

    The word taboo has multiple meanings, and explaining its meaning requires talking about a purely social issue: the taboo is always established within a conformed group, and it is produced only by the quality of men to organize themselves to live in community. It is usually considered a taboo to everything that is restricted and prohibited , but not […] More

  • Conifers
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    Examples of non flowering plants

    Characteristics of non-flowering plants The main characteristic of plants without flowers is their way of reproducing. As they do not have a reproductive organ, they do not produce fruits or seeds. These can be divided into two large groups: the bryophytes , where the moss is found, and the pteridophytes , where the ferns are found. Outside these two large groups there are other […] More

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    4 differences between placental mammals and marsupials

    Mammals are the most developed animals of all vertebrates , they are known to be warm-blooded, have their bodies covered in hair, and they breastfeed their cubs. However, not all of this class have the same properties. In fact, we can divide them into placentals and marsupials . Let’s see then 4 differences between placental mammals and marsupials  that will help you understand such […] More

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    40 examples Marsupial Animals

    The biodiversity of animals on our planet is very wide and, in part, this is one of the reasons why we must protect it to preserve it. A good example of this variety of fauna that we can find are the marsupials, animals that constitute a specific class within mammals and that, unfortunately, many of them […] More

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    Differences between MRI and CT scan

    Do you know what the Tac or MRI is about? We tell you the main differences to visualize the interior of our body.  Once you have been told that you should have an MRI study or a CT test, do you know what it is? Do you know the difference between MRI and CT?    Magnetic resonance imaging […] More

  • Astrocyte function

    What is the function of glial cells?

    The glia , glial cells or simply glia are the whole cell nonneuronal of the nervous system. They were discovered in 1856 by physician Rudolf Virchow while investigating brain tissue. The functions of neuroglia can be summarized in the maintenance of homeostasis in the nervous system, metabolic support for neurons, myelin formation, destruction of pathogens, removal of dead neurons and structural support for neurons, both in […] More

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    What is the difference between flexion and extension?

    In anatomy, flexion and extension are opposite movements of approaching and retreating in an anteroposterior direction. They are typical movements of synovial joints, although it can also refer to movements of other joints and moving parts of the body. More precisely, flexion and extension are defined as angular movements made in the sagittal plane with respect to the median frontal plane . Next we will […] More

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    What are the animals with three stomachs and those with four stomachs?

    Cows are ruminant animals because they have a stomach with four compartments, including the rumen, while the digestive system of horses only has 3 divisions. Photo: In fact, as we have explained on previous occasions, polygastric animals are those whose digestive system has several compartments. They are divided between pseudo ruminants and ruminants. Know which species belong […] More

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    20 Examples of Media

    Different technologies and mechanisms that allow a specific transmitter to contact one or more receivers are called means of communication , either in real time or delayed time, through sound waves or written text , saving short or very long distances. For example: television, radio, newspaper. In this concept they have a place from the great Mass Media of contemporary times (such as television), to […] More

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    Differences between Fluid Intelligence and Crystallized Intelligence

    Intelligence types But what are fluid and crystallized intelligences? Psychologist Raymond Cattell first proposed these two concepts when he developed his theory together with John Horn. The Cattell-Horn Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence suggests that intelligence is made up of different capabilities that interact and work together to produce overall individual intelligence. What is Fluid Intelligence? According to Cattell, […] More

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    Comparative Psychology and Ethology: differences and similarities

    Ethology is a branch of Psychobiology that is responsible for studying the behavior of animals of each species. This study does so both through experimentation and observation, the latter technique being the most widely used in general terms. The functions of the ethologist are basically research and study of animal species, focused on their behavior in […] More

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    Sustainability examples at home

    Something that I have realized in recent years is that a respectful upbringing in tune with the needs of our children, is associated with a respectful look also for Mother Earth who is the one who sustains us and also needs us. Little by little we have been making changes in our house and in […] More

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    7 Tips For A Healthy Smile

    Are you proud of your smile? Do you smile with your lips half-closed because you fear you would buffet the other person with unpleasant views or odor from your mouth?    And when you look in the magazines and the people on TV, they oppress you unforgivingly with their wide, ear-to-ear smiles. You know you […] More

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    Pet Hair Loss: Causes & Cure

        Humans are not the only ones that are affected by hair loss. It’s something that can happen to dogs and cats too. There’s many differences of course, perhaps the most apparent being the fact that our canine and feline friends don’t really care.   When we lose our hair it tends to have […] More

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    Examples of Frugivorous animals

    Frugivorous animals are animals that feed on fruit, partially or exclusively. They are found within the group of herbivores . Some examples are the gorilla , parrot , squirrel . Since fruit is one of the most nutritious and complete foods, many animals base their food on fruits. This is the case of the  toucan , which has a digestive system that is adapted for this. A frugivorous animal does not […] More

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    The Importance of Team Collaboration

    Collaboration is pivotal to your company’s success. While occasional teamwork between teams or employees is beneficial, nothing beats having an organized system to encourage collaboration inside your company. This goes beyond company hierarchy, and streamlines communication for coordination among and between different departments, as we’ve pointed out in our guide to ‘Internal and External Communication […] More

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    CBD Oil For Dogs: Is It Safe For Your Pets?

    The rise of CBD oil is evident with the popularity of products that contain the substance as an active ingredient. From tinctures to cookies to skincare products, you’ll find that specialty stores are offering a lot of varieties. You’ll also see pet treats on shelves. Because of the varying health benefits that CBD oil contains, […] More

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    CBD For Tolerance: Signs You May Have A Tolerance To CBD

    The legalization of CBD oil continues to advance in different countries, and more people are joining this trend and considering it as a fantastic addition to their inventory. CBD is recognized as a wonder drug because it has shown potency in alleviating various illnesses and chronic pain, such as treating epilepsy, relieving depression, anxiety, and […] More

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    Manatees adaptations

      The manatee belongs to the small group of marine mammals.  In addition to the whales and seals, they are among the largest marine mammals. The manatees describe a multi-species order of mammals that are closely related to the elephants. Within this group, the fork tailed manatees or Dugongidae and the round tailed manatees or […] More

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    Adaptations of polar bears

    At present, there are about 20,000-25,000 polar bears in the world. These bears live under threat mainly from global warming, which melts the ice and reduces the habitat of the animals. When the ice melts it creates a number of problems for the polar bears. Because they are adapted to living in an area that […] More