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    Sustainability examples at home

    Something that I have realized in recent years is that a respectful upbringing in tune with the needs of our children, is associated with a respectful look also for Mother Earth who is the one who sustains us and also needs us. Little by little we have been making changes in our house and in […] More

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    7 Tips For A Healthy Smile

    Are you proud of your smile? Do you smile with your lips half-closed because you fear you would buffet the other person with unpleasant views or odor from your mouth?    And when you look in the magazines and the people on TV, they oppress you unforgivingly with their wide, ear-to-ear smiles. You know you […] More

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    Pet Hair Loss: Causes & Cure

        Humans are not the only ones that are affected by hair loss. It’s something that can happen to dogs and cats too. There’s many differences of course, perhaps the most apparent being the fact that our canine and feline friends don’t really care.   When we lose our hair it tends to have […] More

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    Examples of Frugivorous animals

    Frugivorous animals are animals that feed on fruit, partially or exclusively. They are found within the group of herbivores . Some examples are the gorilla , parrot , squirrel . Since fruit is one of the most nutritious and complete foods, many animals base their food on fruits. This is the case of the  toucan , which has a digestive system that is adapted for this. A frugivorous animal does not […] More

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    The Importance of Team Collaboration

    Collaboration is pivotal to your company’s success. While occasional teamwork between teams or employees is beneficial, nothing beats having an organized system to encourage collaboration inside your company. This goes beyond company hierarchy, and streamlines communication for coordination among and between different departments, as we’ve pointed out in our guide to ‘Internal and External Communication […] More

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    CBD Oil For Dogs: Is It Safe For Your Pets?

    The rise of CBD oil is evident with the popularity of products that contain the substance as an active ingredient. From tinctures to cookies to skincare products, you’ll find that specialty stores are offering a lot of varieties. You’ll also see pet treats on shelves. Because of the varying health benefits that CBD oil contains, […] More

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    CBD For Tolerance: Signs You May Have A Tolerance To CBD

    The legalization of CBD oil continues to advance in different countries, and more people are joining this trend and considering it as a fantastic addition to their inventory. CBD is recognized as a wonder drug because it has shown potency in alleviating various illnesses and chronic pain, such as treating epilepsy, relieving depression, anxiety, and […] More

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    Manatees adaptations

      The manatee belongs to the small group of marine mammals.  In addition to the whales and seals, they are among the largest marine mammals. The manatees describe a multi-species order of mammals that are closely related to the elephants. Within this group, the fork tailed manatees or Dugongidae and the round tailed manatees or […] More

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    Adaptations of polar bears

    At present, there are about 20,000-25,000 polar bears in the world. These bears live under threat mainly from global warming, which melts the ice and reduces the habitat of the animals. When the ice melts it creates a number of problems for the polar bears. Because they are adapted to living in an area that […] More

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    Examples of Specific, sensible and latent heat

    Specific heat, sensible heat, and latent heat are physical quantities: Specific heat The specific heat of a substance is the amount of heat that must be supplied to a unit of mass of that substance to raise its temperature by one unit. That amount varies so much depending on the temperature of the substance before […] More

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    15 of Applications of electromagnetism

    The  Electromagnetism  is a branch of physics that deals with a unifying theory from the fields of both electricity and magnetism, to formulate one of the four fundamental forces of the universe known so far: electromagnetism. The other fundamental forces (or fundamental interactions) are gravity and strong and weak nuclear interactions. Electromagnetism is a field theory , that is, based on vector or tensor physical magnitudes , which […] More

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    20 Examples of Scientific revolution

    A scientific revolution is an epistemological term that has been used by Thomas Kuhn. Although the scientific revolutions are believed to have taken place at a certain time, the term scientific revolution implies an evolutionary leap in the human being. In this, science has a central or fundamental place. This is known as a scientific paradigm shift and implies that scientific […] More

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    Examples how to Calculate acceleration

    In physics, acceleration is the name given to a vector magnitude (it has direction) that indicates the variation in speed of a moving body as time passes. It is normally represented by the letter a and its unit of measurement, in the International System it is meters per second squared (m / s 2 ). The origin of this concept […] More

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    Adaptations of mammals with examples

    To understand the different adaptations of mammals, one must go back to their origins. It is very likely that the appearance of mammals on Earth occurred at the beginning of the Mesozoic era. At this time there was a group of reptiles that had mammalian characteristics; They were very frequent from the Permian to Triassic […] More

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    Examples of geothermal energy

    Geothermal energy is an energy source more or less renewable , volcanic type, which involves the use of internal heat margins planet Earth. Since the recorded temperature increases as we approach the Earth’s core, there are many groundwater layers under the surface in which the water is heated and subsequently emerges as large jets of […] More

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    Have you heard about geothermal energy but you don’t know what it is? Are you interested in alternative forms of energy? In this article we are going to tell you all about geothermal energy , both its advantages and its disadvantages . WHAT IS GEOTHERMAL ENERGY? Basically, geothermal energy is that energy that is obtained by extracting and harnessing heat from the Earth’s […] More

  • Grasshopper exoskeleton

    The grasshopper adaptations

      Some confuse them with crickets, but the grasshoppers make up a group of different insects. These small animals receive their common name by their form of displacement: by means of jumps. There are about 11,000 species of caeliferous species , but, depending on the region where they live, they can be named differently. Those caelifers of the […] More

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    Adaptations of turtles

    Turtles, which are often called chelonians, are animals that belong to the order of reptiles, as are snakes, crocodiles and lizards. As part of their classification, turtles are divided into two types: aquatic and terrestrial, and according to the investigations carried out, it is known that these animals exist on the earth since the Triassic […] More

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    Cow adaptations

    The cow is one of the most popular mammals that exist in the animal kingdom. It is herbivorous, that is, it feeds on herbs and plants, so it is a common landscape to observe cows in large fields feeding in this way. It is also recognized for being the female of the bull and an integral part of the so-called cattle. Meanwhile, […] More

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    Examples of money laundering

    Currently, criminals use different ways to carry out illegal activities that are associated with money laundering and terrorist financing in this article we will give examples of the methods of money laundering. Drug traffickers, smugglers or people who are associated with criminal organizations use different modalities to launder money and prove their profits as legal to evade the authorities. […] More