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Sticky Stool . It is a sign of unhealthy gut .

Are you one of those persons who spend a long time in the toilet wiping your butt over and over and just cannot seem to get rid of the sticky stool . You may also find you are a two or three time flusher because your stool just always seem to stick to the toilet bowl, then you may have a sticky poop problem .

Is it a bad or unhealthy thing to have sticky poop ?

Research has shown that sticky poop can predispose you to colorectal rectal cancer . Sticky poop is also a sign that you either need to change your diet or something is wrong in your gut .Many people suffer from sticky stools that cling to the gut wall. Unaware, these people don’t realize the health issues that they may be suffering from such as colorectal cancer. You need to consider the potential risks and problems that are associated with this kind of excreta .


The human body is an amazingly complicated machinery. Each of its function is so entwined with all the others, that disruption of one means failure of all. For our bodies to be healthy and functioning in prime condition, everything, from our breathing to the way we poop needs to be just right. You may be surprised, but even the nature and the frequency of your washroom habits contribute towards your well-being. A frequently ignored aspect of health is the consistency of your daily poop. Here are some common reasons that may cause your poop to become sticky.


Fatty food , fat is important to our diet because it helps to absorb some types of vitamins into our body ,provide energy for our cells and boost our immune system . But ingesting large quantities of unhealthy fatty food will make your poo sticky. The sticky poop is basically all the unabsorbed fat. Eating large quantities of fat overloads the intestine, making it impossible to absorb the extra fat. This extra fat is then excreted in the stool, making it sticky. The scientific word for fatty stool is steatorrhea signs of sticky stool are usually very bulky and sticky poop that may look oily or greasy. Steatorrhea occur if gallbladder does not produce enough bile or the pancreas do not produce enough enzymes to break down the fat you ate .

Ulceration , ulcer can cause bleeding in your stomach walls when the blood mix with your stool it looks black and becomes sticky . Ulceration  is usually caused by dietary stress example  having a high protein diet causes your stomach to releases excess pepsin and hydrochloric acid which irritates the stomach wall , incomplete chewing of food can cause starch to ferment in the stomach causing ulcers there are other causes but the important point to note is that stomach ulcer can cause sticky poop.

 Food intolerance , sometimes certain people cannot digest specific foods such as gluten , fructose ,MSG ,beans , lactose and rye. Their body just doesn’t make the appropriate enzymes for their digestion. Ultimately, all this food is excreted in the stool as sticky poo. Sign that goes with food intolerance are excess gas , bloating , diarrhea , vomiting ,stuffy nose , abdominal pain and headaches after eating .

Bilirubin , the brown color of our feces is caused by bilirubin which is produced by the liver when it processes dead red blood cells in order to prepare them for excretion. It is stored in the gallbladder and released into the intestine where bacteria metabolize it and change its color it can also  cause you to have sticky stool.

Dampness of the colon , this is the term used to describe the buildup of waste or gunk on your digestive system which is cause by bad dietary habits . If you are eating a lot of mucus forming foods like gluten , sugar , dairy and alcohol you build up a lot of mucus and gunk in your system . Dampness usually cause mucus to be in your poop which makes it sticky .


Gallstones and liver damage, both of these conditions lead to the inability of bilirubin to reach the intestines. This bilirubin is the magic chemical that allows the emulsification of fats to make them ready for digestion. No bilirubin in the intestines makes all the fat leave the intestines in stool making it sticky.

Bleeding in the digestive tract,  worms in the intestine may lead to chronic bleeding into the intestine. This leads to black stools that are also sticky. Black stools can also point to other sinister causes like hemorrhage, which needs immediate medical attention. 

Keto diet

 Yes , the ketogenic diet helps us lose weight but there are side effects of having a diet high in fats , low in carbohydrates and medium in protein . This effect is diarrhea , sticky poo and constipation in some people. This diet has over 80% fat which many persons body cannot break down to it comes out in your poo resulting in sticky stool .

Remedies for Sticky Poop

Having discussed the causes, it is quite evident that sticky poo shouldn’t be ignored. There may be something quite problematic going on in your body to cause it. So, are there any ways that you can treat it? Actually, there are a number of remedies that you can use at home to treat the condition. We do recommend that you visit the doctor in case you spot black stools or blood in your poo. However, the usual sticky poop can be treated in the following manner:

  • lower your fat intake, as this may be the no1 culprit behind all the stickiness. Of the three types of foods proteins, carbohydrates and fats , the latter has the most calories 9 calories from every gram . We need to consume about 25 to 35 percent of dietary fat so if we eat 2500 calories daily we need to 625 to 875 calories of fat daily .Reduce your bad fat intake such as fried chicken , chips , processed and pack foods . Fats lurk in many processed food we eat daily so always check your packages for the number gram or calories coming from fats. You can also increase the breakdown of fats with digestive enzymes . Check out these digestive enzymes which can breakdown fat some also help weight loss
  •  try an elimination diet avoid certain foods for three to four weeks to see if your symptoms subsidies if it doesn’t try eliminating other foods . Once your symptoms go away reintroduce the same foods ,if they come back you are intolerant to those foods . Add  digestive enzymes and probiotics to your diet to help improve digestion. 
  • Include more fruits and vegetables to add fiber to your intestinal contents. This adds bulk to your food and helps maintain the right balance.
  • Drink more water every day to help your digestive system work efficiently.
  • Avoid or reduce allergic foods as they will only trigger your disorder.
  • Use the squatting position, to help empty your bowels completely which prevent stool from sticking to your anus it also prevents hemorrhoids . Read more about squatting toilet and hemorrhoids .
  • Add prebiotics and probiotics to your diet .Check out one of the top rated prebiotic & probiotic
  • Try digestive enzymes they will help to break down certain sugars your body to reduce stress on your system , also note that we have less digestive enzymes as we grow older.
  • Reduce dampness in your colon by reducing simple carbohydrates and sugars , alcohol, fatty, greasy and deep-fried food .Increase your fiber which help to remove toxins and cholesterol from your system

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All these remedies will help you to regain normal stools and get rid of all the stickiness. Sticky stool is not normal and there can be a major reason behind it. What starts off as just stickiness can lead to severe gastrointestinal upsets and even chronic diseases. Hence, it is best to identify and treat the cause before it gets out of hand. These remedies are sure to help you get healthy stools once more. However, for a change, you do need to change yourself also!

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