If you are constipated, try mango

Many times the solution to digestive problems is at hand. And the mango seems to be a great ally when it comes to relieving indigestion and regulating good intestinal functioning.

In a 2014 study, researchers from the University of Texas A & M, in the US discovered that the polyphenols and enzymes contained in the fruit have a natural anti-inflammatory effect to overcome intestinal swelling and promote relief.

Now, scientists from that same university, presented a new finding on the powerful mango .

According to the study just published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research,mangoes are better at alleviating digestive problems than many fiber-rich foods or a fiber supplement.

They explained that this fruit, which contains fiber and nutrients called polyphenols, treats constipation and intestinal inflammation in a more effective way than its fiber equivalent powder.


How they proved the virtues of mango

For the 4-week study, 36 men and women with chronic constipation were divided into 2 groups: while one received a daily dose of 300 g of mango , or about a medium fruit, and the other took an equivalent amount of fiber supplement .

For both groups, the diet had the same composition of fat, carbohydrates, water and calories. At the end of the 4 weeks of observation, both groups showed less constipation , but those who consumed mango were more relieved than those who ingested the fiber separately.

The fruit also helped to improve the composition of the bacteria present in the intestine and reduced inflammation .

Professor Susanne Mertens-Talcott, of the University of Texas A & M, and co-author, said “Our findings suggest that mango offers an advantage over fiber supplementation” and that is because in addition to relieving constipation, they act by rejecting intestinal inflammation

In addition, several findings on mangoes claim that this tropical fruit can help treat some health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

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