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Difference between Psychology and Psychopedagogy

Psychology vs psychopedagogy

The main difference between the psychology and educational psychology is that the latter is not a race in itself, but a specialization or master ‘s degree after studying psychology, pedagogy or teaching.

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of the human mind and behavior . It is a discipline that covers a wide range of sub-disciplines such as clinical psychology, the psychology of organizations, social psychology, etc. Educational psychology is part of one of these branches that come out of psychology.

Psychopedagogy is responsible for the study of learning throughout human life. So the main difference between psychology and psychopedagogy derives from the fact that, although psychology has a broader vision that involves all aspects of human life, psychopedagogy pays specific attention to the learning process .

What is Psychology?

For many years, humans have been so fascinated by the capabilities of the human mind that they created a discipline known as psychology (initially the study of mind and behavior was done through philosophy). In this sense, it can be defined as the scientific study of mental processes and the behavior of human beings. The ability to examine the human mind and behavior in experimental conditions began with the creation of the first laboratory in Germany in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt , who was later considered to be the father of psychology.

roots of psychology, now it has become a discipline with its own entity that has expanded much further and is not only able to influence other disciplines, but also be influenced by them, which shows that it is continuously changing and advancing in the academic field, as well as the scientific sphere. Psychology studies development, personality, alterations, education, human social interactions and almost all aspects of human life .

When we learn about psychology, we also hear about schools of psychology. These refer to the different approaches that have been used in the analysis and examination of human life in recent years. The behaviorism, psychoanalysis , Gestalt and humanistic psychology are some of these schools of psychology .

What is Psychopedagogy or Educational Psychology?

Psychopedagogy studies specifically everything related to human learning. Explore a variety of topics such as motivation , the memory , the intelligence, cognition, etc . Educational psychologists are interested in studying the learning processes of individuals according to different configurations, in different circumstances throughout their life cycle. They adopt cognitive and behavioral approaches in this field. The theories that exist in psychopedagogical work come from different schools, such as behaviorism, the psychology of Gestalt and humanistic psychology. Especially the behavioral theories of classical conditioning brought by Ivan Pavlov and operant conditioning of Skinner are popular in educational psychology for its application in real life and processes related to education.

What are the differences between Psychology and Psychopedagogy?

  • In summary, psychology is mainly the study of mental processes and the behavior of human beings, while psychopedagogy is the study of the human learning process.
  • This shows that psycho-pedagogy explores only the learning aspect of human life, while psychology explores all human activities throughout the period of life, so psychology is a very generic discipline and psycho-pedagogy is much more specific .

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