7 Things You Should Know About CBD Oil

Today a large number of people are searching for the advantages of CBD oil which includes chemicals extracted from the plants of cannabis. These extracted chemicals have a very small amount of oil. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the most popular compounds found in cannabis plants. It can create high when ingested after breaking it down with heat. Though both CBD and THC are extracted from the cannabis plants but only THC has potential to alert your mind by giving it high.

Though, the awareness about the benefits of CBD oil is increasing gradually but many people still using it for getting high as they consider it as marijuana. CBD oil can provide a number of health benefits including relieving pain, reducing acne, reducing depression and reducing inflammation etc.

But while buying CBD oil you will have to consider certain things as it is produced by various brands in different forms. The information provided here under can help you in buying the right CBD oil as per your expectations.

The place of growing hemp

Hemp, one of the popular cannabis plants, has capacity to absorb all types of air and water, good and bad, from the soil it is grown in. so while purchasing CB oil it is important to know the source where the hem was grown organically. If it is grown in a field where pesticides, heavy metals and herbicides are used to protect the crop then the products extracted form that crop will also contain the effects of these harmful chemicals. So your priority should be to buy CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp.

Amount of THC in the CBD Oil

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol may not be considered harmful by a large number of people but still people avoid its consumption while operating heavy machinery or where you can be tested for drugs. Legally approved amount of THC in CBD oil is below 0.03%. So you should try to find CBD oil with zero or extremely low level of THC as it will help in keeping your body free from the traces of this toxic element. In order to know more in this regard you can visit at Free Your Spine

Concentration of CBD in the oil

Like various other products, CBD oil can also be diluted by adding water in it, depending upon the concentration of CBD in it. So you should focus on the on the concentration of CBD in the oil while buying it as many companies are making higher profits by fooling the customers in this regard. The standard of concentration in CBD oil can vary from 250 to 1000 mg per fluid ounce. So to get the best results you should check the concentration level of CBD in the oil.

Ways to know the potency and purity of CBD oil

Though many companies producing CBD oil have good reputation still you cannot rely only on their words regarding the level of contamination in their product. In order to ensure the safety level, purity and potency of the CBD oil you are going to purchase you should focus on the test reports of third party lab

Amount of CBD in the product

The concentration of CBD and amount of CBD in CBD oil are quite different terms. The labels of some CBD oil bottles may include 1000mg extract of hemp whereas some other may have 1000mg CBD oil. Though, both of these labels look similar but the later one may have more amount of CBD than the former one.

Method of extracting CBD oil

The process of extracting CBD oil from hemp is a bit complicated than extracting juice for oranges. You can use harsh solvents to extract the oil easily and cost effectively but the oil may contain the traces of these chemicals. The most dependable method to extract CBD oil is the use of carbon dioxide under exceptionally low temperature and high pressure. It will allow you to extract maximum amount of CBD without any contamination.

Who will be responsible?

Many companies which produce quality CBD oil usually provide the phone number of their customer service professionals so that one can approach them in case of any issue or query. But it can be difficult to approach the companies producing inferior products. So you should check the label of the product to ensure that you are buying a right product..


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