7 Tips For A Healthy Smile

Are you proud of your smile? Do you smile with your lips half-closed because you fear you would buffet the other person with unpleasant views or odor from your mouth? 


And when you look in the magazines and the people on TV, they oppress you unforgivingly with their wide, ear-to-ear smiles. You know you want it, but you also know you don’t have it. 


Or have you looked at your smile in the mirror and felt it could be brighter? Here’s some great news. You can have the brightest smile in the room if you want it!


There are probably a gazillion things you could do to help brighten your smile and make your teeth look whiter. But here are 7 of the most helpful tips for a healthy smile.


In the meantime, smile because your smile is about to get better.

1. Your Dentist Is Your Smile’s Best Friend. Visit Them

When was the last time you visited your dentist? You are probably thinking you need not visit your dentist because you’ve not had any oral issues lately. But that is not the right way to go about it. 


As important as medical check-ups are, oral check-ups are just as important. Seeing the dentist twice in a year, as it is in the dental plans of some, is not enough. 


You should double the frequency to make 4 dental checkups every three months. Believe me, a lot could go wrong in your mouth in those three months!

2. Brush And Floss Regularly

Brush your teeth twice a day, after you wake up in the morning and before you sleep at night. Although your toothpaste already has fluoride in it, you could do better by drinking fluoridated water. There are also fluoride supplements you can use.

Flossing is the less popular sibling of brushing. But the plaque that builds up in the teeth doesn’t care! It keeps accumulating and making your smile ugly. 


When you include regular flossing into your daily routine, you clear your teeth of the plaque before it grows into something too ugly to be seen.

3. Rinse Your Mouth After You Take Acidic Beverages And Foods

Avoid them if you can. Acidic foods and beverages can damage your tooth enamel. Fruits like lemons, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits, and limes are all acidic. 


So when you take any food or beverages like lemonade or orange juice that have traces of acid, rinse your mouth afterward. You may drink them with straws, but you still need to rinse your mouth afterward. 


Note: Don’t brush your teeth after taking these beverages. Rinse your mouth instead. Because acid softens your tooth enamel and brushing it afterward damages it.

4. Avoid Tobacco, Coffee, And Soft Drinks Like A Plague

Your mouth doesn’t like it when you smoke. Tobacco can give you bad breath issues, gum diseases, and it can stain your teeth. 


And when you smoke, your gums pull back from your teeth at the back of your front teeth. 


Likewise, coffee and soft drinks can stain your teeth, giving them all shades of colors far from white. But if you have to drink them, refer to tip number 3, rinse your mouth immediately.

5. Sugar Does Not Like Your Teeth. Avoid It.

Sugary foods and sweets are your new enemies if you want to have a brighter smile. When you take too much sweet stuff, not only does your body dislike it, but your teeth also get damaged.  Eat healthy foods that have a little sugar instead. 


Also, it is a nice practice to chew sugarless gum after a meal. This can substitute for brushing after every meal. Chewing a sugarless gum would help clean your teeth and keep tooth decay away.

6. Eat Foods That Enhance Your Dental Health

Just as there are foods and beverages which are bad for your oral health, there are foods that improve the condition of your teeth.


I recommend that you include these foods into your diet. Examples are almonds and green vegetables.

7. Use Mouthguards Before You Play Any Contact Sport

Mouthguards do an outstanding job of protecting your teeth from injuries. And the best part is that they are not expensive.


Follow these tips religiously and marvel at how your confidence in your smile grows.

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