To understand the difference between a disease and a disorder we first take a look at what a disease and disorder are:


A condition which either affects a part of the body like cancer of a specific organ affects that organ of the body severely or a part of the body like paralysis attack on one side of the body affects all the organs and functions of the body on that side. The people who take up studies in pathology usually study diseases as pathology is particularly the subject for studying diseases. Diseases are also linked to medical conditions in linked with specific kinds of symptoms and signs. Causes of a disease can be external such as pathogens as well as pathogens like internal ill function of a particular of the body, internal diseases are usually linked with the immune system as the immune is the defense of the body against anything ill going on inside the organism. In human being’s diseases are broadly referred to as conditions which lead to dysfunction, pain or socially unwell problem leading to death.
Death by natural causes is the term used by people by a person or organism dies due to suffering from a disease.


An irregularity or a lack of order or arrangement in the body of an organism is how a dictionary explains the word Disorder.
The type of disorders start from a problem of lack of eating to eating a lot, being anxious about something or being completely numb. There are no simple borderlines in which the term disorder exists.
It’s not the regular condition where a person is feeling a headache a disorder is like a lack of order in the mind or any other organ of the body. People with personality disorders think of themselves about being someone else, people with anxiety disorders suffer compared to normal people due to the impact it has on them and people with eating disorders either cannot eat or eat a lot depending on each condition.


In the current world people due to lack of knowledge use the terms disease and disorder interchangeably but they are not the same thing. There is a wide gap of measures between a disease and a disorder.

The main difference between a disease and a disorder is that a disease is most often than not caused by factors such as viruses and bacteria while a disorder is due to abnormalities mostly being intrinsic like birth defects and genetic malfunction.

Disease is transmittable while disorder is not.

Disease is caused by external force while disorder is internal like genetics

The above distinction might or might not stand to be entirely and accurately correct but when we look at the world it’s not multiple personalities disease it’s multiple personalities disorder, it’s not sleep disorder but it is termed to as sleep disease. This is the borderline between a disease and a disorder but the reaction of humanity towards both of them is the same that they should be prevented first of all and if by some chance a person gets infected by a disease or is suffering from a disorder than the goal is to cure it and save the human being.


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