Health myths that everyone believes to be true

Now days with the rise of the internet everyone tends to use it across the world to get information for losing weight, get fitness routines, read health tips, follow healthy lifestyle patterns etc. but the fact is not everything you read on internet is correct 100% as it may have some flaws or other conditions to get best results.

So to help you correct your facts and give you more information about healthy lifestyle, fit body and good health I will burst some common myths that you must have read somewhere or other on internet, books or magazine for healthy lifestyle right below

  1. Dieting will give you great results in one month

If you want to become fit and healthy forever than you need to eat healthy food and do exercises for lifetime not just one month. Going on some magic dieting routine for one month won’t give you much benefit rather your body will not get important nutrients to grow if you tend to follow such diets.

So try to embrace the truth that you need to develop healthy food habits for life not just one month to get hour glass shape. Eat food like pellet grill prepared vegetables, nuts, lentils, fruits etc. daily to keep yourself healthy and don’t go on dieting for one month after eating fast food for 2 months continuously as that won’t help much.

  1. If you drink water you will lose weight

It is somewhat true up to certain extent that drinking water can help you lose weight indirectly as it will keep your body hydrated. So when you do work you get sweat and urine which takes body toxins and fat away with it after burning a lot of calories due to increased metabolism of body.


Moreover when you are hungry and you drink water first then your hunger decreases thus reducing your food intake which reduces your unwanted body weight increment. So drinking water regularly in adequate amount with good diet and exercises will help function body properly and help lose weight up to certain extent.


  1. Eating gluten free food is must to stay healthy

No it is not true, if your body is getting the required nutrients irrespective the type of food you eat weather its vegan, non-vegetarian, gluten free etc. it will remain healthy and fit. Gluten free food is not allowed for people to eat who suffer from celiac disease as their digestive system can’t digest it other people don’t need to exclude it from their diet to stay healthy.


You can eat it in limited quantity as anything eaten in excess can be harmful for our body even if its nutrient rich. You can eat food items made from like oats, wheat, barley etc. as they contain gluten to get all nutrients and stay healthy. To make the items having gluten in them tasty you can make grilled wheat Pattie burger, grilled fish chips, grilled Panini sandwich with barley bread etc.


  1. There is no such thing as too much workout

Doing exercise is good for body but doing too much can leave you tired with all energy drained out. Generally people don’t tend to do exercises and workout but some people take it too extreme levels by working out for long hours without any breaks which can lead to many unwanted injuries like muscle tearing, joint pains, exhaustion and risk of heart problems.

So when you think you are stretching too far and your body parts like arms, back, shoulder etc. starts aching then it is time to take a break from your workout for 1-2 days or reduce the intensity of workout by 60 % for the following week to recover to keep the body in shape and free from pain and other problems.


Hope you got some useful information from the health myths shared above to make your life better with good health and fit body. If you want to get more information about these myths then you can search on internet or consult your doctor for precise info regarding these myths and various health issues in your life. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to make them aware about these healthy life myths too.


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