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    Euphorbia Lathyris

    The Euphorbia Lathyris , caper spurge or paper spurge, is a plant whose seeds are are used to extract an oil that can be used in numerous industrial applications. The three largest producers are India, China and Brazil, although currently naturalized in almost the entire world. The common names, among many others are, tartago, catapucia, […] More

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    Euphorbia peplus

      Euphorbia Peplus  Euphorbia Peplus, is a species of phanerogamic plant belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. Common name : cancer weed, milkweed ,petty spurge, radium weed It should not be confused with Euphorbia peplus, purple spurge, a relatively rare plant from the coastal sand and pebbles. The origin of this widely distributed plant is in […] More

  • Euphorbia canariensis, commonly known as the Canary Island spurge
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    Euphorbia Canariensis – Canary Island spurge

    The location of Euphorbia Canariensis  The Euphorbia Canariensis or Canary Island spurge, is a species of phanerogam, (vascular plants that produce seeds ), of the family of the Euphorbiaceae . This particular one is known as Canary Island spurge and has been chosen as a symbol of the Island of Gran Canaria. Therefore, the Euphorbia canariensis is an endemism of […] More

  • activated charcoal absorbs smelly gas
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    Euphorbia Ingens

      Euphorbia Ingens, also called Candelabra Tree, is a perennial flowering species belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It is endemic to the tropical regions of southern Africa. Characteristics of Euphorbia Ingens. The Euphorbia Ingens, is a succulent arborescent plant, candelabriforme or shaped candelabra, between 4 and up to 12 meters high. It has a robust […] More

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    The  Euphorbia Milii – Crown-of-thorns

    Euphorbia Milii also is known as Crown of Christ, Crown of Thorns, Christ plant is a flowering plant included in the genus Euphorbia. It is a thorny shrub, which can reach 150 cm in height. Origin of the Euphorbia Milii. A shrub native to Madagascar, which grows abundantly in ravines, hillsides, and terraces in the […] More

  • Poinsettia
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    Euphorbia Pulcherrima -Poinsettia

      Euphorbia Pulcherrima, Poinsettia or Christmas Flower. The Euphorbia Pulcherrima, Christmas Flower, Poinsettia, Poinsettia, is one of the most popular plants that can be seen in our flower shops, especially in the months of Christmas, December / January and being a clear protagonist of the home and shops for its spectacular look . It has […] More

  • Euphorbias with pink and red flowers
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    The Euphorbias, are plants belonging to the family of the Euphorbiaceae. Most of them are herbs but there are also trees and shrubs. The best known is Euphorbia ingens . This notion of species actually includes several forms: E. candelabrum is found in East Africa: Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia … The leaves are quite small and fall quickly. The dark green […] More