Know more about the concept of Hackathon for hiring


When you have meet the team of developers, programmers and even the designers who would be coming together just for a certain time span say of around 48 hours in which they need to build something really interesting then it creates a fun yet a  professional environment. Well, such type of environment is something many people call it as the hackathons. The participants generally try to ‘hack’ their way to the assigned task. It is one kind of the fun environment in which there is a team of around 3-5 brainstorm with one other’s brilliant mind that gather together to create a virtual reality type within few time and this create a meaningful solution.

Know more about the concept of Hackathon:

This concept is not relay that new but yes, it gained a lot of popularity in the mid-to late 2000s. It has spread like fire and no doubt that has also changed the life of many people specially the companies and venture capitalised to create some meaningful technologies. The very first hackathon was organized in the year 1999 by Microsystems which was conducted within the company itself. If you are planning to organize such one for yourself then it is important to be clear with why you need it and whether hiring candidates through such event is quite affordable and convenient for you or not

In the better way to understand its meaning, it is an event that basically focuses on coming up with something meaningful. It is all about focus, cooperation, innovation and stimulation that is required. There are wide range of opportunities for the prospects and create the most integral part to come up with the corporate culture. Hackathon is not just limited only till the technical industries rather it has gained quite lot of popularity in different areas such as healthcare, finance, government sector and even the educational area to name a few.

The way it has been effectively and speeding showing the results, there is no doubt that it has created a major value added that you as a hiring manager can look around for. It is one of the easiest ways to actually hire the best team of candidates that are efficient and be qualified to with you. However, you need to also understand that not all the hackathons are the same. There are some ground rules associated with it and talking of which to create from the scratch is one such crucial one. Depending upon the objectives, there are different types of hackathons that are created about which we will be learning here.

Know the types of Hackathons:

Hackathon is widely categorized in two types which are external and internal. The former one generally focuses on the people the company is engaged with along with the employees and then the latter has the participants from outside area and not the workplace. Such types are further sub categorized with some purpose that is being served such as:

Online/Offline- The name comes from various locations. However, online hackathons come with everything right from registrations to even making the judgments online. Offline solution is generally conducted at the psychical location.

Application-based- Such type of option focuses on mobile app development and even the video game development.

There than this, there are also some minor types such as specific programming based language which is solely dedicated for creating the applications that uses certain type of framework such as HTML and JavaScript. Code Sprints is one of the longest hackathons that generally lasts for around 2-3 weeks where the programmers are expected to write codes to come up with software.

The Culture of Hackathon that is followed in Companies

Generally, Hackathon paces up the process of the digital transformation. It is not only just associated with designing the product but to hack out some traditional ways as well such as McKinsey. The innovation quotient is now being worked upon really hard by the companies. For this, hackathon is the best platform that can be used. If you use it for regular series then it can lead to better hiring and good employee retention with product prototyping as well.

There are so many companies that looks forward to be more successful if they make the investment in a coder, developer and even an engineer to name a few rather than simply on its company. That is why hackathon is the right option to choose. There is a huge difference between the internal and external hackathon that comes with the purpose which they service. So be clear that you don’t really mix up your purpose with anything else.

Understand the objective:

Since the sole objective of this option is to create the useful software through there can be purely arranged for the educational requirement to impart the knowledge to the world of the software. However, such hack days come with a central theme for the session where it may revolve around some of the programming language to be used

There is no hard and fast rule for using the Hackathon. But you need to understand that such concept is important for many reasons. First of all, you need to focus well on for what reason do you actually need the right type of candidate and whether Hackathon is a place to get the desired candidate or not. You can grow your business without making much investment and for which such type of event is the best platform. But for the first time users, it is always better to consider feedback from the clients who used it earlier before jumping on the conclusion.

Now that you are pretty much clear with the hackathon and how to make the best use of such solution, it is time for you to go ahead and improve your business in the market with bunch of some capable candidates who can actually serve you in much better and professional manner and without emptying your business capital in any way. So what are you waiting for? Start with such way to hire today.

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