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Advantages and disadvantages of a website for your business

In commercial terms, today it is difficult to conceive the existence of a company, however small, without a website , the information medium is excellent for consumers to find the right information about the products they need.

A website allows the company to show the goods or services to the buyers who are interested in their products; give them details about their characteristics; allow them to analyze the products and compare them, make inquiries, interact with the administrators of the site and … in many cases, make the purchase.

A complete website also allows the company to meet its potential customers: certain personal data, their tastes and preferences, their location, which companies of the competition they have visited, the days and hours they enter the website, etc.

With all these data, the marketing and sales managers develop plans and strategies to direct advertising to the people who are really interest, in order to achieve greater effectiveness with the message and obtain a return on investment.

The effectiveness of the website as a means to achieve greater business projections and greater sales will depend, however, on compliance with a series of procedures and strategies.

It is understood that, when these requirements are not met, the site that has reached some visibility dissipates the effectiveness and, in the worst case, loses the confidence of potential customers in your company.

In our blog we have analyzed the advantages of a website, referring to the various alternatives that a website presents in its different facets, from the importance of the domain, the particularities of design and architecture to the contents up to inbound marketing as a all.

But, in this article we will pay attention to the disadvantages offered by certain websites , such as the accuracy of the content, the limitations to present to the consumer in full and the importance of having a good location in the Internet search engines.

Misleading websites

As in all human activity, there have always been and will be people (an immense majority, by the way) who are honest and well-intentioned, who offer and sell quality products; but there are also some with dishonest intentions.

In this sense, one of the main disadvantages of websites originates in that any person, anywhere in the world, can create their own site and enter information at will.


It is possible, therefore, that there are websites that contain misleading information, with the purpose of shamelessly subtracting the money from the inexperienced consumer or offering goods and services that do not correspond to the quality offered.

To avoid such traps, the consumer should ensure that he is visiting a secure website (supported by the http protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and responsible, showing clear navigation procedures and data, that do not lead to confusion. In this way the company and its visitors are protected from malicious hackers.

Free websites

There are several platforms that allow you to create free websites that, in some way, contribute to business efforts because they exist on the Internet. It may even be that the site looks nice and works well.

But the profit is minimal, because the templates and designs are relatively few and are conditioned, because you can not make changes in the structure, have limitations for the use of banners and photographs and establish links with social networks and e-mail, etc.

Through a free website you can not access the source code, which is crucial to optimize the positioning of the site in the internet search engines and, to top it all, you may be given an advertisement that does nothing to improve the image of your company. .

Otherwise, if the website goes down, users of free service must wait for the clients to solve the problem using the payment service.

The design with templates

Among the advantages of the templates is the ease of design. The designer chooses the template that he likes best and suits the company and nothing else; drag Stick and win time, because the structure is already defined.

In addition, saving money is important, because there are free and low-cost templates and many of them compatible with platforms such as WordPress, Drupal , and other content managers such and are already optimized for use on computers and mobile devices. There are other such as Wix and Ning which provides free website design for artists to showcase their work to the world.

But they have the disadvantage that they are designed to be beautiful, but not to satisfy the taste of the buyer person, and modify them can become a complex, slow and unsatisfactory work.

It is important to bear in mind that, if you use a site with templates, have on your team or enter your suppliers someone capable of customizing it according to your brand and being able to make customized adjustments.

The one-page website

A one-page website can be useful when it comes to mobile users, because 70% of web traffic is done from mobile devices. It is easy to redirect the user to a specific address.

However, it presents limitations when it comes to positioning it in search engines, because of the limited space it has to introduce keywords and because of its lack of specificity, that is, because the contents are not as specific as those that can be published on the websites of several pages.

There are strategies of priority importance, in the design of a website, that can not be practiced on a single page, such as the organization of contents in categories and subcategories, so that the user has access to more complete information.

Our advice

In summary, it is always going to be better to have a website than not to have it. Creating a website is not difficult; It can be done by someone who has a good disposition, although their computer skills are limited. A professional website costs money to the businessman interested in projecting the image of his company and doing good business and it costs a lot of work and knowledge to the designer.

It is also possible to create a free website and through free or low-cost templates; in the understanding of its purpose .


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