Best rain repellent for car window : comparisons and review

car window repellant

Are the water repellents from the rain applied on the windows of a car a scam? No, they are not. As consumers and drivers we can rest easy because these types of products respond to a real chemical formula that works: applied on a glass surface make it more water repellent. In fact they started using in the airplanes. Let’s see how they work.

Acrylic resins that clog the pores of glass

All surfaces, including glass, have a certain porosity , although at first glance we do not think so, and this is very subtle. Rain repellent products for crystals are a liquid that normally contains, among other substances, certain acrylic resins or transparent polymers that stick onto the surface of the glass, filling the pores, and forming a durable film in the open (for a time) .

This film can be perceived to the touch, because the glass is noticed softer and smooth than before, or in other words, more non-stick. And thanks to that film the water that falls on the glass slides much more easily: thus has the repellent effect.

To give us an idea we could think of a wooden floor to which wax is applied. Think of wood that is uncoated, although very well sanded, smooth and smooth, remains porous and absorbs any liquid. If a thick layer of wax is applied to the wood, it covers the pores and makes them softer, even slippery, and repels liquids (to a certain extent). Well, something like that is what happens with these repellent products.

Drops of water slide much more easily

Rainwater repellent products can be applied to all of the car’s windows, and will act simply because of gravity. When rain falls on them the drops will slide with much more ease than if the glass did not carry anything. Anyway, where the most effective result is in the windshield, since when circulating, the current of air that is formed as we raise the speed, drags so much better the drops of water outside the same. From about 80 or 90 km / h is when they start to work very well.

The advantage of rain repellents is that they improve visibility through the car’s glass. And the better we see what happens on the road, the safer we will drive. The effect is similar to seeing drops of liquid mercury on a surface. In the case of a windshield it may not be necessary to turn on the wiper blades to remove the rainwater, because with the repellent effect it already looks quite good.Now lets look at some of the best water repellant for your car.

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