4 Bath drain cover for babies

Here is a list of bath drain covers for your baby.

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Take all the guesswork out of tub-time. Munchkin’s SmartDrain is as simple as it gets. Place it over your sink, shower, or tub drain and let it get to work. Not only will it plug the water for baths, it will automatically turn on and start glowing one of three colors. Give the water a quick mix with your arm and watch the temperature read-out. Red shows that your water is too hot, blue is too cold, and green is just right. Keep an eye on it during the bath to know when you need to warm things up a bit. The unit will automatically shut off after 30 minutes, to save the batteries and your peace of mind.

Constant red light = hot (approx. 101-105 degrees) ,Constant blue light = cold (approx. 86-90 degrees Fahrenheit) ,When bath water is just right, you will see a constant green light (approx. 91-100 degrees Fahrenheit).


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Our thing is problem solving and ingenuity, and simple yet effective design is our passion. Boon is an innovator, designer and manufacturer of infant and toddler products. We are driven by a strong desire to create modern products that help simplify parent’s lives while retaining their personal style.


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Keep bathwater where it the tub. These Disney Drain Covers help prevent water leaking down the drain and protect little bathers from the sometimes-sharp edges of a drain plug. Comes in Nemo and The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian characters so kids can splash and splash with their favorite underwater friends.


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Kid-friendly. Stinger-free. We love tubs. Drains, not so much. Some have stoppers that don’t work (annoying). Others have stoppers that stick up (hazardous). Ray solves both of these problems and is adorable to boot. The soft exterior covers the plug while also forming a suction over the drain so no water can escape. Now that’s a sting ray of sunshine.


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