Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

This post will look at the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in personal use and in business.

The invention of the cellular phone or mobile phone in the year 1947 at BELL labs in the United States has come a long way from being a huge device interconnection of several antennas. It can fit in the palm of our hand and have features that the first inventors couldn’t even fathom.

What is a mobile phone?

A mobile phone is an electromagnetic wave communication device that allows the bidirectional transmission of voice and data usable in a geographical area that is divided into cells (from which comes the cellular nomenclature), each one of which is served by a transmitter/receiver.

Currently, mobile phones are more than a useful communication tool, they have become a real window between the person and the whole world. Each time there is more talk about its importance for the future and how it will change each sphere and way of doing business and relating, but nowadays even though we see great advantages there are many disadvantages being seen. We will now look first at the advantages.

The advantages of cellular or mobile phones

Instant Communication and easy communication :

Communication by phone have come along way from The mobile allows communication in a fast, easy and simple way to keep on touch with friends and family, killing time while waiting to connect to customer service, reminding your husband to buy milk at the store.  If you do not have time for a conversation, send a quick text message. This allows you to stay connected even during business meetings or in public places where a conversation might be inappropriate, such as in a row at the supermarket.



Acquiring a mobile phone is simple, and prices vary depending on the model you want. You can choose a smartphone from a known brand, or even a Chinese model with a fairly competitive price. In addition to the device itself,   cheap mobile rates are also a great incentive to buy, in addition to the multiplicity of options that exist in the market, there are traditional operators and low-cost operators, where you can create the plan according to the needs of each one.

Save money

Cellular plans have made obsolete most plans for long-distance landline calls. Many people choose to eliminate the phone in their homes completely, along with the accounts and use only their cell phones. Others maintain basic telephone services, but make all their long distance calls on a cell phone; Most cell phone plans include free long distance within the country and discount packages for calls to other countries. Most also include practical features, such as free voicemail and caller ID, which reduces the need for an additional landline service.Currently, mobile instant messaging apps or chats allow communication to be really immediate and very economical.


 The mobile phone can be taken anywhere, which makes it a very comfortable accessory, in addition to its models have increasingly become smaller and thinner. The pile tends to last longer as each model evolves which helps to always be communicated.

Replaces a computer

Years ago we would have to turn on our computer just to read our email or play a video game but we now carry our email and video games in our pocket.

The notebook displaced the PC and the cell phone is going to replace the notebook.The large storage capacity of the new smartphones means that anyone can have all their information there, only the size problem remains. Many people are now able to type faster on a cell phone than on a keyboard. Processors on mobile phones are becoming faster and ram is also increasing. This post is currently been written using my cell phone, 80% of the things I can do on the backend of my WordPress blog can be done on my mobile phone.

Quick navigation 

 Before, when smartphones reached the market, the Internet connection was poor, but as the years go by this has been improving and even surpassing computers.

The mobile phone has become more than a means to remain communicated by means of calls or text messages, it has become an instrument of connection to the globalized world, both in social networks and means to subsist and do business.

The speed of the connection has become important and fundamental for a good use of mobile phone and access to navigation speed as 4G help achieve this at a very affordable price, with the only conditions that the phone has a personalized rate of 2GB navigation and that the phone is compatible with the 4G technology.

The main advantage of this navigation speed is that it is easier to communicate and do business, which covers the basics of what smart mobile technology will mean for the future.


The mobile phone has now become an essential communication tool for a large part of the population. Allows calls from anywhere in the world without having to be in a specific place and located as with fixed telephony.

Today there is a wide variety of companies that offer very affordable mobile rates can even get to give the mobile phone to the customer. Increasingly, they can be used anywhere in the world as coverage increases great.

Sms messaging

Allows the possibility of writing a message to another person and thus communicating discretely without disturbing anyone around you. As the world becomes very busy more and more people are texting rather than talking this which is less time consuming


Another advantage mobile phones have is many applications of entertainment, communication, information such as a calculator, calendar, music player, etc.

Crowdrates today there are so many different mobile phone companies that the user can choose the rate that best suits their needs at competitive prices.

Emergency call: all phones allow you to make emergency calls regardless of mobile balance and coverage anywhere.

A reminder and scheduler

The mobile phone has replaced the alarm clock and the daily diary we once used for a scheduler.

A GPS navigator

Mobile phones have wreaked havoc among the GPS navigators. Not so long ago brands such as TomTom or Garmin had become strong marketing a type of autonomous navigator that stuck on the windshield of the car and that, somehow, revolutionized the way of travel for many drivers. However, the glory did not last long since the phones offered the same service without the need for additional hardware and with the added value of having a sufficient data connection.


Advantages of mobile phones use in business.

Using mobile phones in business can boost productivity, mobility, safety, and morale of your workforce. Mobiles can help employees to:

  • improve customer service
  • remain in contact with the office, customers, and suppliers
  • increase mobility
  • increase productivity
  • work remotely (eg work from home or away from an office

Connecting a mobile phone or a laptop to the internet can give employees an even greater degree of flexibility

Work remotely (eg work from home or away from an office)

Disadvantages of the mobile phone

Among the main disadvantages of using a mobile phone are:

Battery mobiles need a battery for its operation which means having to recharge it every so often and with the want for more app on our phones it can drain our battery and leaves us stranded.

Lack of privacy

Since cell phones do not provide sound feedback through the handset, some people speak much louder with cell phones than through landlines. This exposes the people around them to their conversations.

Whenever a mobile phone is used, it must be taken into account that it must be turned off or put in silent mode in shows, ceremonies, meetings, etc.

There is no isolation

The days of “getting away completely” are over. Cell phones make it difficult to be out of touch with bosses, friends, and family. Even if you turn off your phone, callers can fill up your voicemail and inbox with text messages

It causes addiction many people suffer from nomophobia or mobile addiction, considered a disease suffered by many people, especially young people, characterized by the fear of being without a mobile phone.

Coverage this is one of the biggest disadvantages faced by the mobile phone, as many companies do not offer coverage in all parts of the world, thus preventing communication.

Sleep disorders and other health problems

LED, LCD or TFT screens incorporated into tablets, mobile phones or computers, often produce a stimulation in the brain that significantly alters sleep cycles, even leading to insomnia. This happens because this type of device emits a blue light that reaches our retinas activating the known ganglion cells. These cells automatically send a signal to the brain to understand that it is in the hours of a day in which there is natural light, therefore, the brain does not understand that it is at night and should facilitate the process of sleep. Upon perceiving this blue light, the circadian rhythm is altered with the inhibition of the sleep hormone or melatonin, which considerably reduces the quality of rest.

One of the disadvantages of mobile use is that it gives off low levels of RF (radio frequency) radiation. Which may cause memory loss and headaches. Mobile phones also cause dry eyes this is because when we stare at the screen we do not blink often causing our tears to dry or evaporate thus leading to dry eye diseases or irritation.

Neck injuries and spine injury

Text neck” is a typical 21st-century disorder and there are specialists who say that it is becoming a global epidemic. It is caused by tilting your head too far forward to watch videos, write messages or play on mobile devices.

Frequent symptoms are usually neck stiffness, shoulder pain, and headaches, which are triggered after maintaining a posture with the neck tilted down for several hours a day.


The use of cell phones while driving a vehicle has caused over 1.5 million accidents in the USA so many accidents that have caused a number of states to ban cell phone calls texting for drivers.


Ever so often you would go to the movies or a music concert and even the library which is a silent zone and you would hear the sound of a cellphone. This occurs even though there are posters everywhere informing you.In addition, the brightness of cell phone screens can disturb and distract people in the darkness of the theater.


Disadvantages of using mobile phones in business

Significant business challenges can emerge from using mobile phones at work. For example:

Workflow disruption – always-on communication in the form of personal and work-related calls can disturb employee workflow and decrease their productivity.

Compromised work-life balance – ‘all hours’ availability can interrupt your employees’ personal life if they receive calls outside their working hours.

Costs – providing mobile phones to your workforce can be expensive. However, you can enable features on your handsets and SIM cards to restrict the use of phones to business purpose only. You can also choose a tariff that suits company usage. Speak to your service provider about what is possible.

Legal issues – the law prohibits using handheld phones while driving. If you require or permit your staff to use a handheld mobile phone while driving on duty, you could be committing an offense.

Territories – if you expect mobile users to travel overseas, you should check costs. Keep in mind that you may need ‘tri-band’ handsets if traveling to North America.

When employees use company mobile phones for reasons unrelated to work, the devices can become an unwelcome distraction at the very least and a legal and operational risk at worst.

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