Advantages and disadvantages of adoption

Adopting a child is an extremely important decision for the life of the human being which must be assumed with full responsibility and with full awareness of all obligations involved.

According to one recent study,6 countries (China, Ethiopia, India, South Korea, Ukraine and Vietnam) remain as major origin countries .

According to another study published by the magazine Scripta Nova of the University of Valencia, the Latin American countries with the highest number of adoptions are Guatemala and Colombia, since statistics show that they provide more than 10,000 children for adoption. Guatemala between 2010 and 2013 has given the opportunity to 24,099 infants to have a home and Colombia for its part during that same period has offered 13,059 children a favorable situation of coexistence with adoptive parents.

Currently, there are many children looking for a home and parents that allow them to have a life full of love and understanding. Are you aware of the need that exists now? That’s why we explain below the advantages and disadvantages of adoption:


  • Peace of the biological parents: The meaning of adoption for the biological parents is very great since they will offer the child a much better life opportunity than they could offer him.


  • Realization of a lifelong dream: For adoptive parents to get the opportunity to have a little one to care for and nurture, it can represent the concretization of a dream built throughout a lifetime.


  • Meticulous selection: This benefit will be proper for the infant since the family in which it will be placed was carefully selected to guarantee an ideal growth environment.


  • New family: Children who are given for adoption receive love and support from adoptive parents and have the possibility of having brothers and sisters.



  • Second opportunity: This type of process provides a second opportunity to people who could not have it otherwise, without this the small ones would be moved in a nomadic way and they would not have an ideal family structure to develop.


  • Better life for the child.In addition, adopting a baby, especially if it comes from a country with harsh living conditions, is synonymous with an act of solidarity love, given that normally these children are orphans, or have been abandoned at early ages. With adoption, the child is introduced to a better life, with opportunities, he is given love and a whole family that loves him.


  • No feeling of emptiness: Another positive aspect to consider is the fact that, being unable to have children, the couple usually falls into depressions and feel helpless, useless because they can not obtain carnal offspring. However, many adoptive parents express that feeling of sadness and emptiness disappears when a baby is incorporated into the home.



  • Willingness to travel: Anyone who considers this as an option must not only have the disposition to move to another state or country but must also keep in mind the resources that must be available to do so. It is not just about simple visits but on several occasions, long stays are requested so that the adoptive parents can gather information about the background of the biological parents.


  • The medical history is optional: The biological parents are not obliged to provide the data of the family medical history, should be aware if the case were that the mother did not have the adequate prenatal care or if she presented some type of genetic disease.


  • Development problems: The majority of children present this type of difficulty due to the poor link with the biological parents and the lack of stability. It takes a lot of patience and a loving family to nullify most of these problems, they will also go through an adjustment phase when the structure becomes stable.


  • Long wait: The adoption process is somewhat relative, many couples have waited for many years to take a child home, from the selection to the paperwork that must be completed, the adoptive family must go through a phase of verification of information and evaluation of the socioeconomic situation. Therefore it will take a long time for it to come to an end.


  • Cannot enjoy early baby early months :Although we talk about “babies”, the truth is that it is really not possible to choose a newborn, but it is normal to have at least seven or eight months of age, or more, due to the time required for a procedure of this type . This causes that the parents cannot enjoy their adopted children during the first months of life, fact that, nevertheless, to majority of couples this do not seem like an important disadvantage.


  • Child may find it difficult :And of course, the last thing we can come up against when adopting a baby is the possibility that it does not adapt to our environment easily, or even that it never adapts. It must be borne in mind that many of these children come from orphanages and have had a hard life at their young age. In babies of no more than 12 or 18 months the task of educating it is usually facilitated, unlike one of 3 or 4 years where its development has been very different from that of any other child.


  • As we have mentioned, hosting a child costs a lot of money, especially in cases of international adoptions, where besides the money paid for the work of officials and bureaucratic procedures, it is common to ask the parents to visit the child first in their country of origin, sometimes even more than once.


Now you know all the positive and not so positive aspects of starting this process! Remember that this is an act of love that will not only change your life but also that of many other people, so think well and choose better, luck.

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