Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle as transportation

The bicycle in addition to benefiting health, since for the cardiovascular system is recommended and for physical activity, it is also a means of transport, of course does not have the range in speed that can have a motorcycle or a car, but if it has other advantages that have made its use important and that for many generations is still valid.

Is the bicycle effective as a means of transport?

The bicycle is effective as a means of transport for not so long distances, to use it within a city or town is very useful.

The use of the bicycle is widespread in almost the entire European continent. In countries like Holland, Switzerland, Germany, some areas of Poland and in the Nordic countries; It has become one of the main means of transport. Moving to Asia, mainly in China and India, is the first form of transport.

Currently, in the world, there are about 800 million bicycles, with China being the country with the largest number of these vehicles.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bicycle as a means of transport

The use of the bicycle has more advantages than disadvantages, even so it is worth mentioning the disadvantages that as a means of transport.

Disadvantages of the bicycle as a means of transport

  • It is not as fast as the car or the motorcycle.
  • It is not so safe inside the road.
  • It is not respected in many places by motorists.
  • The distances that can be traveled with it cannot be as extensive as with the car or the motorcycle.
  • It is easy to steal.
  • There is no traffic law for the use of the bicycle.
  • Who uses it does not have the support of a regulation of rights and obligations on use.
  • Whoever uses it does not have insurance against theft or accident.

Advantages of the bicycle as a means of transport

  • Helps health especially the cardiovascular system
  • If you use at least 20 minutes a day, combat the sedentary lifestyle that causes so many diseases.
  • Increase blood flowImproves lung capacity.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It decreases the percentage of fat in the body, it is an effective weapon to combat overweight.
  • Improve physical capacity.
  • It can be practiced as a family, among children, adults, and so on.
  • It is easy to practice and you can set your own pace.
  • Increase motor coordination.
  • Improves the recovery rate after exercising.
  • Increases bone mass: makes the bones stronger.
  • It helps to improve the mood, distracts from worries. It is recommended to use a bicycle in states of stress and anxiety.
  • Increases the elasticity, as well as the range of movement in the joints.
  • It can be practiced alone or in a group.
  • You can practice in contact with nature.
  • By traveling regularly by bicycle you save money on transportation and this will be reflected in health.
  • It is not spent on gasoline.
  • You do not have to pay for a parking lot.
  • There is no bicycle traffic.
  • The bicycle is not heavy.
  • It fits in most places.
  • It does not pollute
  • Effective for not so long distances.

The use of the bicycle is without doubt a great option that contributes to saving, combating pollution and traffic and is recommended as an exercise. That’s why it’s important to start forming a culture about its use and the changes would look amazing way in the city.

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