Folding bike advantages and disadvantages

Folding has been around for a long time. The first patent was registered in the year 1888, and little by little they have been gaining ground in the bicycle market. Their capacity to fold makes them an excellent option for the urban cyclist, since they occupy less space and can be combined with other means of transport. There are several myths about these bicycles, but I assure you that they work quite well.
If you are looking for a bicycle and you think a folding could be a good option for you, here we share some of the advantages and disadvantages that I have identified after several years of moving in a folding.



The first advantage offered by folding bicycles is intermodality. Unlike conventional bicycles, folding can be combined much more easily with other means of transport. This quality is especially useful for people who have to travel long distances to reach their destination. You can leave your home to the public transport station and as you approach your destination you can assemble your bicycle and reach your final destination. Currently, there are few cities that already have adequate infrastructure to transport the bicycle on public transport.

Retrench of space

A folded bike takes up half the space you would need to store a conventional bicycle. You can easily store them in any corner. Their ability to fold makes them especially useful for those who live in apartments or who do not have a proper place to park their bicycles in their office. You fold it and put it on the side of your desk.

Less robable

Because they do not take up so much space, you can take them with you everywhere. Forget about stringing the bicycle outside your office, restaurant, museum or cinema. Some bikes are more compact than others, but all are enough to carry them with you.

Easy to travel with them

As we have just seen, a folding bike can be carried everywhere, this includes taking it as part of your luggage when going on vacation. This is one of the reasons why I love folding! They say that one of the best ways to get to know a city is by bicycle. I never go on a trip without my folding, whether the trip is by air , sea or land my bike always goes with me.

They do not devalue as much as a normal bike

Most folding bicycles maintain a good resale price. Of course, as long as they have been given proper maintenance and use. If for any reason you decide to sell a folding bike, you can sell it practically in what you bought it, depending on the mechanical and aesthetic state in which you are.



Increased sensitivity to road imperfections

This disadvantage concerns the folding of small wheels. Generally these bicycles use wheels of 16 to 20 inches. The disadvantage of small wheels is that each imperfection of the road feels more. This is because the smaller the diameter of the wheel, the more difficult it will be for it to “roll” over obstacles and road imperfections. For the most part, folding bicycles are designed for urban use. However, if you like to go out to the mountain you can find mountain bikes of conventional size.

Difficulty to customize

Folding bicycles are much less popular than other types of bicycles. This makes it a bit more difficult to customize, since it is more difficult to find the right accessories. The good news is that these bicycles are slowly gaining market and every time we can find a greater assortment and variety of specialized accessories for folding. Inclusive there are distributors specialize in folding bikes. Also, thanks to the internet, you can find almost any accessory and order it from the other side of the world.

Little portability of some models

There are folding of all sizes and with different folding mechanisms. You have to accept it, not all models are so easy to move when folded. Either they are too heavy, their configuration is uncomfortable or it is almost impossible to keep them folded. If intermodality is among your plans, it is best to give more importance to potability when looking for a folding one. It is a matter of looking for a bike that is easy to transport folded and unfolded!

They are more expensive than their premiums

Folding bicycles tend to be more expensive than conventional bikes. This is due, in large part, to the fact that many of the parts are designed and manufactured exclusively for one type of bicycle. In contrast, conventional bikes use parts with standard measures, which reduces the cost of production. If you compare the characteristics of a conventional bike with those of a folding one (number of speeds, material, components, etc.) it is very likely that you can buy a conventional bicycle of higher range for the same price. However, you have to analyze what your needs really are. Maybe the ability to fold your bike and take it everywhere becomes a great added value and worth the investment.

They attract more attention than you’re looking for

A strange-looking bicycle and small wheels will undoubtedly attract the attention of anyone who sees you pass by. When arriving at a traffic light, there will be no shortage of people who approach you to ask about your bike. Do not you get tired with those wheels? Are they the ones that disarm? How much will it cost you? are just some of the most common questions. If you do not like receiving so much attention, maybe a folding one is not for you.


These are some advantages and disadvantages that I have identified in several years of using a folding bicycle as my main means of transportation. As you can see, folding bicycles are not for everyone. If you are looking for one of these bicycles, I hope this information helps you make a decision. If you decide that you want one .

Advantages and disadvantages of bicycle as transportation