Since ancient times, wood has been a popular choice for making various tools, including wooden kitchen items, such as spoons, tables, ladles and spatulas. Nowadays, wood is still an option taken into account by many people, over other options not only by tradition or custom, but also for practical reasons, for its properties.

Advantages of using wooden kitchen accessories

There are several reasons why kitchenware made of wood , despite so many technological advances and the development of different materials such as stainless steel or plastic, remain the preferred products in different types of kitchens. Here we are going to mention several of those reasons:

1. These wooden utensils do not scratch

The wooden utensils are soft in contact with the most delicate cooking surfaces, among which the Teflon and even the ceramic ones stand out. That is why wooden ladles and spatulas are among the first recommended items for cooking in household goods with non-stick coatings. Other types of utensils that can not be scratched by wooden utensils are those made with cast iron or stainless steel.

2. Wooden spoons and ladles do not conduct heat

Wooden kitchen items such as spoons and ladles that stay inside hot pots for a long time while cooking, will not suffer the effects of high temperatures and will not heat up on their handles either. On the contrary, a metal spoon can not be held with a bare hand and will need the use of gloves that can interfere with the movements with the hands and a plastic spoon can melt or deform if something is stirred very hot or it is supported on the side of a hot pan. This is due to the inability of wood to conduct heat.

3. These kitchen items are made of an inert material

Another advantage of articles such as the wooden board for the kitchen is that the wood is an inert material that does not react in contact with other substances and consequently, when used for cooking will not contaminate the food with harmful substances. Additionally, wood utensils do not react with acids in food nor do they leave a metallic taste when used for eating, as with some metal spoons.

4. Handles for wooden kitchen items are easy to grip

Holding a metal spoon can be uncomfortable, while hard edges can damage delicate ingredients. In contrast, the handles of the wooden spoon are soft, rounded and feel pleasant in contact with the hand and the user feels comfortable while using it.

5. The particular design of wooden articles for the kitchen

6. The durability of these wood kitchen tool Another benefit of wood kitchen tools is that they look fabulously beautiful and elegant. Creative and artistic design of wooden utensils gives beautiful appearance to kitchen. The handmade wooden spoons are truly unique works of art that can be constituted as wonderful gifts.

These wooden kitchen tools are very durable, as long as you take proper care of them, you can expect them to last a long time. They are made with a sufficient density to make them difficult to break, so you can stir the thickest ingredients or scrape the food that may have been glued from the bottom of the pans. Since they can withstand high temperatures due to their inability to conduct heat, they will not melt. And with a little sanding every now and then, they can help eliminate burn marks and spots.

7. Germs and bacteria do not like wood

This feature is ideal for the use of wooden tables and other utensils . Research indicates that wood seems to have natural properties of germ destruction. It has been shown that germs and bacteria grow much faster in plastic and metal than in wooden kitchen surfaces, this means that using these items in the kitchen may be adequate to maintain long-term health, because wood would provide an environment adequate and healthy to avoid contamination of food.

8. Using wood accessories for the kitchen is an environmentally responsible choice

Environmentally conscious people can choose wood accessories for the kitchen with confidence . Wood is a natural and renewable resource and represents a responsible choice for the environment. You can collaborate with the preservation of the environment through the use of kitchen utensils that are made of renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic substances such as wood.

And what could be the disadvantages of using kitchen accessories in wood?

As nothing in this life is perfect, wooden kitchen utensils are not and there are certain disadvantages that must be taken into account to make a proper criterion when buying kitchen products. Among these disadvantages we can mention:

  • The  wooden utensils are difficult to clean compared with articles of stainless steel or plastic. This is because, due to their physical characteristics, food particles can stick to their porous surfaces. In addition, it is not recommended to wash them in dishwashing machines because the wood expands in the water and changes in temperature.
  • These  wood kitchen accessories lose the glossy finish easily  and if they are mistreated during use or storage, they can splinter or even crack.
  • In general,  spoons and wooden ladles are often stained  when they are frequently used in the preparation of soups and sauces.

With these data on  kitchen accessories made of wood it  is possible to make an appropriate criterion to decide whether or not to buy one of these products are the best option for the tasks to be carried out in the different kitchens.

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