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Advantages and disadvantages of a curved Tv

The manufacturers are betting to offer screens with curved panels, both in televisions and monitors. Samsung was the first to bet on them but, now almost all others already include a series or some model with these panels as well. Anyway there are many users who are still wondering what advantages and disadvantages curved screens offer.

Curved screen, more than an aesthetic benefit

Before seeing what advantages and disadvantages a curved panel has, it is important to know the reason that led manufacturers to create them. You may think that your intentions were to demonstrate that they had the technical ability to bend a panel or simply a way to get your attention but no, there is a justifiable reason behind it.

The vision of the human eye, due to a morphological theme, causes the image to be distorted in certain sizes and screen formats . With a curved panel that distortion is reduced. All the points are the same distance if you make sure you are sitting in what the manufacturers call a sweet spot .

When you feel perpendicular to the center of the TV you appreciate how the vision is more pleasant, the lighting of the panel is constant – something that favors a better contrast – and the sensation of immersion increases. You are at the same distance from all the points and even if you are not conscious, your sight becomes less fatigued. But beware, this does not always happen. And that’s where the advantages and disadvantages appear.

Advantages and disadvantages of a curved panel

A curved screen or television offers advantages like a greater immersion sensation, eliminates trapezoidal distortion, avoids certain types of reflections and allows to enjoy a more uniform illumination.

Always? Yes, yes, the screen size is adequate. That is, when you are in front of a big inch screen all the above is true. If you also have 4K resolution more, then you can sit much closer .

On the contrary, when the size does not accompany the first disadvantages appear. A small panel does not allow to obtain the same improvements as a larger one. There is reduction in the distortion, the reflections and the feeling of immersion. Therefore, the user experience is not the same or as satisfactory.

It also forces you to be seated right in the center, if you see the image from the side you lose the advantage of being able to see each point of the equidistant distance panel. And finally, a curved screen looks spectacular but you may not like how it looks if you decide to hang it on the wall.

  • Greater feeling of immersion
  • Reduces image distortion
  • Reduces lateral reflections
  • By design they are spectacular
  • It is very important where you feel. You should do it centered
  • In small inches the advantages are not appreciated so much
  • The curve reduces some types of reflections but can magnify others
  • They are more expensive

In short, appreciating the advantages of a curved screen is very personal . Maybe for you the experience is identical or not it will depend on many factors.

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