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Advantages and disadvantages of air fryers

Everyone likes good chips or delicious nuggets. But often these meals are truncated by the excess oil they incorporate. Every day there are more people who decide to take care of themselves inside and out and reduce the levels of cholesterol and fats that these foods imply. One solution to these problems is the air fryer which is an oil-free fryer . We will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using one.

These fryers promise to get the same flavor and quality as any fried, reducing their oil levels by up to 80% in some cases. But is all that glitters gold?

Here we show the advantages and disadvantages of this appliance every day more booming.

How does the air fryers without oil work?

The amount of oil is reduced to a minimum in these fryers, so it is inevitable that  the taste will change and will be different .

The oil-free fryer works by air convection . This process is similar and we can compare it to that of a small oven, combining the action of a grill and hot air circulating at a high speed.

Therefore, we get well cooked and tasty foods , although not as crispy on the outside as in a traditional fryer.


If you doubt whether or not to acquire one of these fryers, we show you its advantages:

  • They are much cleaner than traditional fryers . By using a smaller amount of oil, through out the lifetime of this product it  does not need an interactive cleaning.
  • They cause much less odor , because the air and steam that it expels is much less fat than in the rest of fryers.
  • It is versatile! You can make scrambled, fried, desserts … And everything much healthier than in any other way. Most brands incorporate a fairly extensive cookbook to practice and cook any dish. And if not, almost all have their own website where you can extract delicious dishes.
  • Of course we must emphasize the lower consumption of fats and cholesterol in the food . They are cooked with up to 80% less oil and that translates into a lower amount of fat.
  • As a result of all this, we will notice a saving in the cost of oil.We just have to add a spoonful of oil, so you’ll see it in your pocket.

Disadvantages of air fryers

But of course, not everything will be advantages! Here we leave you the disadvantages that we also have to take into account when purchasing one of these fryers.

  • It consumes more electricity than other types of fryers , greater than in the rest of fryers. This is because it takes more time to cook the food.
  • As a rule, the food appears less crunchy than in the traditional way. This is something that we have to take into account when it comes to the fried aspect.
  • We also have to emphasize that its price is usually higher than that of a conventional fryer. Something that can be compensated with the savings we mentioned above.
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